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Jan 082007

I’ve been thinking about these anonymous posts. Some have been reasonably intelligent and some have been completely brainless.

I don’t want to switch off anonymous posting if I can help it, but at the same time I don’t want to be reading half-witted shit. So here’s what I’ve decided.

Anonymous posts don’t get a reply. Ever.

Some might get published, depending on how I feel about them. A lot will get binned.

I’ll see how this works and if I don’t like how it’s turning out, I’ll switch off anonymous posting.

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    Bock – That’s fine. I’ll just keep silently reading posting semi-anonymously.

    I don’t know you, and know little about you, and had previously found your blog while looking for Ireland-based blogs. Have to say I do enjoy your writing style though.



    Salem Mag Thoirdealbhaigh

    People like you are very welcome here. It’s just that I have a slight problem with half-wits at the moment.


    Bock, You’ve ALWAYS had a problem a problem with half-wits !


    This strip on Blunt Cogs was created as a reaction to Anonymous Comments. You might identify.

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