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Jan 132007

I was only able to follow today’s Scunthorpe United game against Oldham on the BBC website, by following the scoreline, but even then it seems to have been a bloodbath. Fucking hell! Scunthorpe had seven men booked and another two sent off. Oldham scored an own-goal.

Scun held out to the bitter end, but finally , on the 90th minute, Oldham knocked in the equaliser. Final score, one-all.

Imagine it. What kind of horrible fuck-you up-your-arse mud-all-over-everybody game must it have been. Two Scunthorpe players sent off with half an hour to play? Imagine that!

Holy shit, it can only have been hand-to-hand combat. It’s hardly surprising that seven Scuns got carded. The only thing I’m wondering about now is how the suspensions will affect the next few games. I haven’t had a chance to review the fixtures yet but I’ll come back later with an assessment. I know you’re agog with worry.


Tomorrow, Munster face Bourgoin in the Real Football. It seems Bourgoin have fielded a full team for a change. A lot of our guys have gone to Geneva in support, including QJS, but I intend to support from Jerry Flannery’s father’s pub. (Also known as Jerry Flannery).

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    bock,my fellow iron,we have peaked.i;m following those scunts since the year dot.from now on tune into the last 10 mins. of each game for all the action.i hate to sound pessimistic but i;m immune to the pain at this stage as i watch them slide down the table.


    Thanks for the nod Bock. There was a lot of muttering and fucking and blinding in Stade Geneve also I can assure you.


    we dropped another 2.the silence is deafening.

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