Steve Staunton: Genius

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Jan 302007

Steve Staunton has called Andy Keogh up to the Irish international squad.

I suppose Andy was no good until last week because he was playing for Scunthorpe, but this week, now that he’s with Wolves, he must be brilliant. Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that the great man, Mick McCarthy, manages Wolves and thinks Andy is very good. Steve is absolutely the boss in Irish soccer. He told us so when he took the job: “I’m the Gaffer.”

Yeah, Steve, that’s right. You’re in charge.

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    Ah, so you give a shit about the Irish football team. A chink in your armour, my friend.


    Well, Mr Bananas, it depends what Irish football team you have in mind.

    I certainly have a close interest in the Irish rugby football team who, I hope, have a chance of taking the Six Nations, and who could even cause trouble in the world cup.

    If you’re thinking of the Irish association football team, than, no. I began to lose contact with them after the Saipan farce, slipped a bit further when McCarthy failed to realise that Spain were a man down, and lost them oompletely when they threw away two games against Israel. The FAI is run by a bunch of incompetent gobshites.

    I’ll stick with the rugby. It’s more fun, and we actually win things these days, such as the European Cup.

  3. he makes those mad stretchy underpants that trannies and drag queens use to hide their *ahem*tackle then? Or does he merely wear one?How interesting.


    Devin: Um, could you elaborate on that a small bit? I’m losing your drift. Are you thinking Donncha O Callaghan or Steve?


    is it true you have a quired a ticket for said same football game i.e t of the oval persuasion ?? little birds talk lol


    I’m thinking that with McCarthy’s greatness, you should throw a few capitals in there; maybe the grEat maN, or even The Great Man. Make it a proper noun, you know he’s worth it.


    I suppose you’re right there. Mick being so great. And everything.

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