Terrible news

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Jan 162007

It seems I did not win the Dutch lottery after all and even worse, it seems that Mr Jeffery Buuren (Advocaten) is a chimera, a mere bagatelle, an ephemeral conceit. In short, a fraud.

I am wounded to the quick by this affair and will not soon recover my faith in humankind. I placed my belief in this man – if man such a creature could be, damn him! – and I’ll not lightly trust again.

I shall now retire to the drinking room of the Bockschloss to consider this affront, this betrayal, this heartless breach of confidence.

I am all undone.

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    My condolences. I have no idea what you are talking about, but you are clearly upset.

    I didn’t win the lottery, either. Maybe I should have gotten drunk tonight. That would have been a good excuse.

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