Trevor Brennan

What about Trevor Brennan? For those who don’t follow such matters, Trevor is a six-foot-five 220-pound savage, a former Ireland international rugby player, latterly of Leinster and now with Toulouse.

Trev played exactly thirty seconds of rugby for Toulouse against Ulster on Sunday. First, he charged into the crowd and beat the shit out of an Ulster supporter, although in fairness to Trev, the same supporter was a smirking shifty little cunt who deserved a good beating just for looking like an unshelled tortoise. Apparently, Trev claims that the Ulster supporter, Patrick Bamford, made disparaging remarks about his mother, which is a thing that will get you going every time.

I remember once playing a soccer match and this bollix on the sideline kept shouting things about my mother.

Oy, Bock! he screamed. Your mother never changed the engine of a tractor!

Fuck you, I thought to myself, but said nothing.

After I’d nabbed a nice in-swinging floater from Mebbs McCarthy and nodded it into the back of the net, the same fool had another go.

Your mother is older than you!

Again I let it pass.

Then, right on the button of ninety minutes, just as I latched onto a sweet pass from Knackers McGonigal, your man piped up again.

Oy, Bock. Your mother couldn’t boil winkles in a big winkle-boiling thing for winkles.

That did it. In one fluid motion, I volleyed Knackers’s ball past the keeper while at the same time producing the trusty old Colt .44 Magnum I always keep in my knickers, and plugged him straight between the eyes.

I’d say it was the same for Trevor. Here was this cunt saying bad things to him, and Trevor decided there was only one thing for it. Jump into the crowd and pummel the living shit out of him with a fist the size of a medium ham. As you would. Anyway, the pounded one is an accountant and he’s wearing a stupid Santa hat at the end of January. In France, the courts will accept that as a sound defence. Remember, France is the land where Eric Cantona and Zinedine Zidane are national heroes, and fair play to them.

Of course, it didn’t help Trev’s case that he then went onto the pitch and immediately became involved in a full-scale fist-fight with Justin Harrison before being sin-binned. After that, his manager wisely chose to substitute him and he took no further part in the game.

Good man, Trev.


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10 thoughts on “Trevor Brennan

  1. Trev’s an out and out thug who lashed out when someone disparaged his shit pub in France.
    There is no one bar Trev backing up his shite about receiving sectarian abuse or offensive comments about his ma.
    He deserves a lifetime ban and a French farmer blockade on his alehouse.

  2. I admit to being confused when I read the article and a Toulouse player’s name was Trevor Brennan. What a fucking thug. Good man Bock, you’ve shed more light on this than any of the news stories I’ve read.

  3. The game of rubgy needs more drama.It beats watching a load of large neckless men standing around in a circle feeling each others arses.

  4. Why do little capmice Like Patrick Bamford think its fine and dady to scream bile and filth at athletes like Trevor Brennan but not right for the athletes to retaliate? Only pity is that Brennan did not hit him MUCH harder and that we don’t know enough personal details on the little shit to mount a proper campaign – “Get Bamford”.

  5. Trev is a legend and put up with a lot of shit from his country…he is hero in France but Ireland turned their back on him. Life time was to much and the smary little shit who was mouthing off got what he deserved.

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