Feb 192007

I see that Bertie is still adamant we won’t ever use nuclear power. Ever.

That’s because Bertie is a nuclear scientist and he knows all the ins and outs of nuclear power. The same as he used his deep knowledge of computer security to call us all Luddites when we questioned the e-voting machines.

Bertie went to the London School of Economics, as he reminded us on his CV, and he’s also an accountant, as he reminds us every chance he gets. Or was it ? – wait a minute, I remember now. Bertie once went to the LSE but it was to collect a secondhand bike from his mate, and he’s actually a book-keeper who once worked for the Mercy nuns at the Mater but never as an actual accountant anywhere, ever. At all. Ever. Because he’s not qualified to be an accountant and it would be illegal to practise as one. Anyway, what sort of accountant would sign dozens of blank cheques and hand them to the crookedest politician this country has ever known?

That would be pretty much the same level of qualifications he has to hold an opinion on the safety of the data in the electronic voting machines: none. It didn’t stop the arrogant git from lecturing and belittling and denouncing anyone with the temerity to question the decision by that fool Cullen to install the ridiculous things at enormous cost.

And now, here we have Bertie, Renaissance man, suddenly displaying an unsuspected knowledge of physics and nuclear engineering to declare from within his heart, like Dev, that we’ll never use nuclear power. It reminds me of old Todd Andrews who decided that our rail system should never be used again, by his own or any future generation and therefore destroyed the network for good, lest a politician fifty years hence might have the gall to question his infinite wisdom.

Bertie has said this before, and we were all stunned at his immovable certainty, but at least we thought someone would draw him aside and advise him.

Bertie, somebody would tell him, that’s not the way of science. Bertie, never say never. Only mad old priests are as absolute as that.

No. It seems not.

It won’t stop us importing electricity from those wicked old Brits though, and them with their rotten old nuclear power stations and everything. Now what does that remind you of?


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