Bipolar Disorder: the Blues Brothers

Do you know the Kaczynski twins?

No, they’re not a band. Jaroslaw Kaczynski is the Prime Minister of Poland and his identical twin brother Lech Kaczynski is the President. That’s some achievement, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s Lech:

And here’s Jaroslaw:

Here they are together:

Now, the Kaczynski boys are extreme Catholics of the kind we used to have in power in Ireland not so long ago and if there’s one thing they hate, it’s gays. They hate the queers. They fucking hate them. They can’t stand the fuckers. When Lech Kaczynski was Mayor of Warsaw, or President or something, he banned a gay rally, even though the rally was perfectly legal. They’re kind of the Justin Barrett of Poland. In stereo. And with an education.

Anyway, Lech is in Dublin at the moment (or maybe it’s Jaroslaw), and he was giving out shit about queers at some debate he was at.

Fuck them, he said in Polish. In Poland, we fling them into the sea and make them frighten sea-horses. Fucking arse-bandits!

Or else, if the translation wasn’t entirely accurate, he might have said We in Poland hope to work in harmony with our Irish fellow-Europeans for a better economic future together. But fuck those queers and also those fucking Polish fuckers who work here in Ireland when they should be back home in Polish Catholic fatherland paying taxes to me!! Bastards!!!! Fuck you MacKozer, I’ll find out where you live!

Or maybe he didn’t. Maybe it was Jaroslaw who said, or didn’t say, these terrible things about queers and emigrant Poles.

Don’t knock the idea, by the way, of twin brothers ruling a country. Didn’t we, for years here in Ireland, have identical indistinguishable parties fighting elections against each other?

Don’t we still?

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