Bodies in bodybags

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Feb 092007

There’s a fine songwriter here in this town who’s been writing songs for a hundred years, and I’m glad to include him among my friends. Eamonn Hehir is his name, and he’s been producing stuff for years that pissed off the establishment.

But the latest one really seems to have hit a nerve.

Bodies in Bodybags just doesn’t cut it with Limerick 95 FM, it seems. Especially the version released by Siobhan O Brien. Too controversial, apparently, for Radio Smalltown. Why? Well, for one thing, they’re sending these soldiers out through our local airport and Limerick 95 FM wouldn’t want to upset the Americans. But apart from that, you can’t have songs about people getting killed. No. Definitely not. You can’t have these kind of songs. Oh God no. And particularly not if the people are getting killed because Dubya said so. Oh Jesus, no. You couldn’t have that on the radio.

Here’s a clip. Bodies in Bodybags

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