Bóthar. A truly wonderful charity

Bóthar is a charity in Limerick that sends farm animals to Africa. The animals are donated by Irish farmers, who give them freely as a way to help their less fortunate confreres in Africa. It started with heifers, but now they send goats too. As I understand it, the idea is that when the heifer or goat has a calf / kid, the recipient family have to pass the offspring on to another family and so on and so on. Marvellous.

No, really: it’s all marvellous, and there can be no doubt whatever that the people who receive the animals benefit in a very tangible way from the scheme.

They do. They certainly do. And the Irish farmers, quite rightly, feel good about what they have done. And so they should. Good old Bóthar.

Why are the African farmers starving? Sorry? Was that Bóthar interjecting there? No. It wasn’t.

Did Bóthar say, but obviously, Bock, it was because the European Union was paying our farmers a huge pile of fucking money to grow cows and grain that nobody wants?

Ah, no.

Well then, did it say we dumped that produce on Africa for pennies, destroying the local market, and ruining the livelihoods of local farmers over there?

Ehh, no Ted.

Well, what about the Americans, then? Our Allies? Y’know? Was there anything about how the American cotton-farmers couldn’t make money and so the American Gubmint gave them a huge heap of cash so they could send their produce to Africa far cheaper than any African farmer could make it? Killing the local industry?

Eh, no, Ted.

Well then, surely they want to do something about hunger? That’s right, so Monsanto goes in and sells the seeds to the locals, genetically modified and copyright, so that, every year they have to pay Monsanto a huge pile of money to plant their crop again. Not like in the old days when they could just scatter seed on the land. Not any more: that’s progress. That’s the American way, and the European way too.

What did we really do? Would you like to know? All right then.

We said, Lads, the poor niggers are starving.

And the Irish farmer, in his genuine compassion, said, No problem, we’ll send them a goat.

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What about the goats? Here they are living in Ireland, all the lush green grass and farmers hats that they can eat and they get sent to Africa. Fuck all to eat, not even a tin can. Next thing they are being chased by starving natives waving spears and blowing poison darts. The poor fuckin’ goats are the real victims.

I totally agree with you Bock, but now it gets better as the Yanks are preparing An African military command
so they can scare off the Chinese, back whichever local nutcase they choose and funnel all the west African oil back home for a fraction of the price. I believe they’re looking for 25% of all imports within 10 years.
Maybe Bono could do something!


There should be a big sign saying don’t feed the africans, they are just going to eat and breed and whats the point in that? more mouths to feed.

Way to go Bock!

It is disgraceful how we treat the third world.

That is what globalisation means to those who have to pay for our wealth, we are living well off the misery of others.

I support Fairtrade it makes a small difference but is the begining of something.

I hope they soon start exporting farmers and sending back the goats. You can make a bodhran out of a goat but you can do fuckall with a farmer.


You make excellent points — apart from making me laugh, which, as we all know, is vital for longevity.
So I nominated you for the Blog Awards.

Nár laga Dia do lámh, a Bhoick!

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