Computer Viruses

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Feb 272007

I don’t know much about this. I rely on very clever people to keep me safe from viruses and I don’t want to know what’s going on while their very clever programs seek out and destroy the invaders in my machine. I don’t know, and I don’t want to know what they do.

But tell me about Trojans, please. As I understand it, there are programs called Trojan Horses, and these are attractive little things that you might want to run, because they’re sexy and they have all sorts of clever things they can do, and they seem to be free and everything. But if you do actually run them, that’s a very bad thing, because they release these other little programs that are hiding inside them, and these little programs are called Trojans, and they attack your system after they come out of the Trojan Horse.

Good. I understand that.

Quick question for you, though. I thought the guys inside the Trojan Horse were Greeks.


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    Not Greeks – Geeks more like. Evil Geeks.


    Spot on once again,it would seem. But when it comes to computer stuff, beware of geeks bearing gifts is your only man.


    Many appear on pop ups that look legit from microsoft saying to run this to open a page or something stupid, they are real cunts to block and can hide in yer computer still in tact after you’ve deleted most of it, yes they were Greeks, a dirty hairy people so I’m not surprised they do things like this.


    Quick question for you, though. I thought the guys inside the Trojan Horse were Greeks.

    Sorry Boc, but they are called computer GEEKS.


    No. Geeks are nice people. I’m one. Definitely Greeks.


    Englishmen. And it was a rabbit!


    to avoid all of theese gleek plicks,get a mac .


    Horseshit more likely.

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