Fellow bloggers, please advise me

I know absolutely nothing about the technology behind this blogger thing, and I don’t want to know. I couldn’t care less about HTML or XML or MCMLXXXVIII. I don’t give a toss about all that. I just want to sit down and write, which is what happens. Fine. That’s good.

However, while I would like to put in a few clever-dick little bells and whistles like some of the other smart-arses (you know who you are), I don’t have enough years left in this old body to learn all that shit. So what I want is a bit of advice. I’d like to know if there’s a completely moron-proof and free (free is important) software that I can use to make my page look the way I want it to. It has to be very simple. Very, very simple. And very quick. Very fucking quick indeed. And really brilliant, with loads of (free) features that are (extremely) easy to use. And great. And cool too. Cool as fuck, OK?

There you go. What’s the answer?

7 thoughts on “Fellow bloggers, please advise me

  1. Define Bells and Whistles, Bock.

    With blogspot.com there is a limit to what you can do. But you can still do quite a bit. Like using a different template or customising the fonts and colours. You can add little gadgets like my clock in just the same way you added the StatCounter etc. You could add a banner like Kav’s and Sweary’s but you’d have to make it first. All without messing with the HTML. (There are other things you can do by jacking with it though).

    I reckon if you make a list of bulls and wurzles you’ve seen and liked, the owners of those sites would be delighted to show you how they did it. Everyone loves showing off.

  2. Loads of good advice and links to free stuff at betabloggerfordummies.blogspot.com
    Gets a bit techy in places but helped me out with a few things.

  3. Bock, I made mine and Sweary’s banners, and I’m happy to help you with anything – just drop me a mail if there’s something you would like to do. Unfortunately, there’s no real non-techy way of adding the bells and whistles, though Beta has made it a bit easier to jiggle about the layout of your blog.

  4. I never used the original, Kav, so I can’t make a comparison. But the Beta lets you insert HTML and javascript – copy and paste in layout->Add Element and no need to know where exactly in the code they really should go.

    Much more fun the old way though ;o)

  5. wordpress is good but its a bit on the clever side, but that would be ok for all the clever bastards who did so well in the leaving and got degrees and all….

  6. True, primal, but for certain things, like replacing headers, it’s not just a simple matter of dragging and dropping – you need to fiddle with the code a bit as well. Which is a pain in the hole.

  7. Well now, you see, there you have it. The perfect solution would be something where you could just drag and drop everything without having to understand a single word of XML.

    On the other hand, betabloggerfordummies does contain quite a lot of useful advice.

    Oh, what to do? I suppose it would be possible to move over to WordPress, but would that just bring even more hassle with it?

    Kav, thanks for the offer of the banner. What I might actually do is ask you for a bit of guidance here and there, if that’s ok.

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