Irish blog awards

Voting is now open, and here’s the list.

It’s all on Richard Hearne’s fine blog, over HERE

Plenty of familiar names on the list:

Kav, Fustar, Swearing Lady, Manuel, Pygment, Purplehead, IrishKC, Devin, Squid

Also, Newswire , Style Treaty and Alive Not to mention the fact that some fool nominated Bock for a few categories here and there. They even let in that old bigot Knudsen.

Of course, I have to mention JC Skinner, the forgotten one.

Best of luck to all these bullshitters.

16 thoughts on “Irish blog awards

  1. No shout out for me? I’m hurt Bock, truly hurt…
    Two tickets to the England game and all is forgiven though!

  2. JC: oh Jesus Christ, I’m sorry about forgetting you. How could I be so thoughtless? Fixed.

    The appalling news is I myself might not have a ticket to the England game. What is this world coming to?

    Mr Kansas City Star: And you’re on that very long list. Well done.

    Mr Raftery: Hello there. Nice to see you over here, and the best of luck with your nomination.

  3. Good man, Bock! And good luck.

    Last week you wanted bells and whistles for your site. See there’s no need. It’s grand the way it is. Content is king. And your content is rightly royal.

  4. Congrats and best of luck Bock, I might not be able to make it up to the awards so if I get into the shortlist and actually win, you might have to accept the award on my behalf – hope you have a nice outfit ready ;)

  5. No England tix yet, JC. I’m not giving up this early. We could still dog something out and naturally, if I get three, you can have one of them.

  6. I thought I’d call in here too. Do you feel like you’re being cyberstalked? Don’t worry it could be Knudsen doing it ;-)

  7. Not really. Stalking is menacing. This just looks like you want a bar of chocolate at the checkout.

  8. “Not to mention the fact that some fool nominated Bock for a few categories here and there”

    Well, go raibh míle for that Bock.

    I dun me best. After all I’m only a Northsider.

  9. I am sure that there are plenty of positives out there, but what have you seen for yourself? What do you think of my grace aids A joke for you! Samantha: Doctor, my son thinks that he is a TV channel changer. What are the odds that you can save him? Doctor: Remote!!

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