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Having said all that about Ryanair, the no-care airline, the low-standards airline, the no-brain airline, in fairness, I would have to say this about them: they’re shit.

However, here’s the question. Who isn’t shit?

That’s right. Scunthorpe United aren’t shit. Scunthorpe United won yet again, beating poor old Rotherham to streak to the top of the table. Scunthorpe are now on 61 points, three points ahead of Oldham and a full five ahead of Nottingham Forest. Can you imagine that? Notts Forest are behind Scunthorpe. I don’t know if I want to cheer for Scunthorpe or cry for Forest.

I have a little emotional feeling for Nottingham after last year’s savage journey to Britain, when the people of England took us in.

What? Don’t you remember? When myself and the Bullet travelled to Britain to watch Munster win the Heineken European Rugby Cup at Cardiff, and we had to travel via Nottingham? That was the time that the Bullet went into the all-you-can-eat Chinese/Indian/Thai/Italian restaurant with me, and returned with a pizza, curry, tortilla, cheese and chips sandwich. God, do I love that little Bullet of mine.

This is an astonishing turn of events. If this continues, you’re going to see Scunthorpe in the Championship (or the Second Division, if you’re as old as me), mixing it with the likes of Wolves, Palace and Sheffield Wednesday.

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Hola Bock–

Congratulations on your shortlisting. I will have a word with Jesus for you if you like.

I hoope very much you win.

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