The Big Match

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Feb 232007

Right. I don’t want to be too specific about this so I’ll only give you a hint.

Did I get a ticket for the first ever [tag]rugby[/tag] match between Ireland and England to be held in Croke Park?

[Hint: Yesssssss!!!!!!!!]

See you Monday.

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    lucky bastard, I’ll be cheering from out here in the Atlantic, enjoy the day out, and I hope Ratzo has the manners to shit in the gutter.


    Good man, Tim. As long as you can see it out there in the Atlantic, that’s the main thing.


    Enjoy yourself Bock …

    I was promised a corporate box ticket for the big match by a friend of Dad’s.

    Money to be made, so he gave it instead to some contractor bollocks who probably doesn’t even like rugby.


    An absolute cracker it was too.


    Dario: that’s a bummer. You should track down that contractor bollocks and slaughter him like the dog he is.

    Kav: It sure was.

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