The Six Nations. Here we go again.

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Feb 052007

Limerick was yet again a sea of red rugby shirts yesterday.

What? Were Munster playing at home?

No. It was time for the annual influx of migratory Welsh supporters who descend on our fine town in their hundreds, packing every pub with their loud and generous bonhomie. I walked into Jerry Flannery’s to find that they had taken over the entire floor in front of the telly, cheering and clapping and singing before the match even started. The rest of of the pubs in town were the same, with red-shirted visitors occupying every decent vantage point.

This is a remarkable phenomenon. It happens every year, and what’s more their numbers increase every time they arrive. I asked one guy why they do it. It’s the welcome he said. Another guy said it was because you could go into any pub and discuss the match with the locals. Two lads I met actually work in the Millennium Stadium but travelled here instead because they reckoned the party would be better, and they were right. The last I saw of them, they were dancing on a table in my pub of choice while the band played Delilah and Green Green Grass of Home in their honour. Yesterday they lost to Ireland, some would say unfairly, but they kept their spirits up and their personal warmth never failed them.

We’ll welcome them back to Limerick next year and long may it continue.

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    Same in Wexford Bock, those that chose the shorter path, or the Leinster welcome. Of course we are not as surprised in Wexford of the influx of Welsh jerseys and daffodils, there are streets that start here and continue in Wales, and the Welsh rugby fans have been travelling here since JPR a glint in his fathers eye.
    ps we won fair and square, even if it looked like they had 20 men when they started running. Roll on France at Croker.


    Well, Tim, like I said, some would think it was unfair. Personally, and in the opinion of the Welsh visitors, we scored three tries and they scored none and that’s the end of it. We won.

    I hear O’Driscoll might be all right for Sunday, and also Horgan and d’Arcy, which is great news. I have my ticket, mirabile dictu, so I’ll wave to you from the crowd (unless you have a ticket too, of course).


    Good man, Bock. That will be some occasion in Croker. Will rely on you for a proper account of the day so don’t be getting trashed on the Bockschloss greenery.

    Didn’t watch the Welsh game on the basis that it might all go horribly wrong… 1st matches of the season can be a bit of a lottery, especially if victory is presumed to be a foregone conclusion.


    Not been to Ireland myself but some mates of mine who are Sale supporters went over for the Munster match last year. Even though Sale lost they had a fantastic time. They were watching the highlights in a bar the next day, and everytime a penalty was taken everyone shut up so that even the replay was taken in reverential silence.


    That sounds about right. Limerick is the only place on Earth where people go quiet in the pubs for a penalty kick.

    Conan, I’ll do a special on the Croker trip. You betcha.

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