Trevor Brennan 2

I see the Teenage Mutant Hero Gobshite that Trevor thumped is pursuing a criminal case against him through the French courts. He’s also taking a case against some newspapers for libel.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the slithery wee fucker, Patrick Bamford, is an accountant, which should explain a lot.

Obviously, Trevor didn’t hit the smarmy little prick hard enough.


Trevor Brennan 3

Trevor Brennan

3 thoughts on “Trevor Brennan 2

  1. One thinks that you may have to be careful wrt the legal action that is being taken. I know back in the old country you may think that you can get away with your comments but in the first world people don’t behave like that any more.

    Perhaps you should jump off your soapbox and get with the program.

  2. Great comment! I bet you practised it in front of a mirror.

    Did you see Ireland’s recent annihilation of England, 43-13? Good, wasn’t it?

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