What it means to be Irish

I don’t know.

I have no idea what it means to be Irish. In spite of the fact that – as far as I’m aware- my people have lived here forever, I feel very reluctant to call myself Irish, because I don’t know what the term Irish means. I feel even more uncomfortable when I hear this new expression: the New Irish. Hold on a fucking minute. New Irish? What exactly does that mean? Is that one of those condescending new terms we have to swallow or else be killed by the PC people? Apparently so.

Let me be blunt about this. I really couldn’t give a flying fuck about the colour of your skin, or where you came from, or what religion you have. Really – I couldn’t care less. You’re welcome in my country, and I’ll take you for what you are. But if you came from some other country, I hope you have the same tolerant view about me. I hope you couldn’t care less about my religion or my skin-colour, or my political views .

And if you think somebody’s religion, or skin colour, or political views are a problem, well then, that’s a problem. It’s a problem for you, because you’re in my country. So, what can you do if you if you think my religion, or my lack of religion, or my skin colour, or my political views are a problem? Very simple. You can fuck off back to where you came from.

8 thoughts on “What it means to be Irish

  1. I agree. That PC shite has gone too far. I want to poke people with pointy sticks when I hear the term New Irish.

    And congratulations, you bitter old blackguard, on your nominations. Will you be taking the old train up from Limerck come the 3rd?

  2. Tolerance. Empathy. Respect. Humility.
    Ask the average man in the pub to give you an example of each of those words.
    WARNING: Be prepared to either run or defend yourself.

  3. Dario: I don’t know if I’ll go or send a representative. Manuel has offered to send Jesus.

    Eddie: I’ll have a word with the average man in the pub later. As you’re better placed, with your British connections, maybe you’d find out what the man on the Clapham omnibus thinks.

  4. Jesus man. You’re sounding like Col. Kevin Myers today. Ranting and raving at invisible/possibly non-existent foes.

    Who exactly (and specifically) are you arguing with here?

  5. Careful there Bock, over in the wilds of Colonial Britain(aka America), words like that closing of yours gets you branded a racist.

    Sad state of affairs, eh?

    As for what being Irish means? I dunno. I couldn’t tell you what “New Irish” means either. I remember hearing Tiernan once say “Everyone’s SO proud to be Irish, and no one can tell you why.” I sorta agree with him there.

  6. fústar: I’m feeling particularly grumpy at the moment. It must be the excitement.

    slylam: you’re welcome

    salem: So in America, if you say “I really couldn’t give a flying fuck about the colour of your skin”, then you’re a racist? Have things gone that insane over there?

    Supposing I launched into some crazy kill-all-Muslims tirade? What would they call me then – a hero?

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