Adam Keane is a Convicted Rapist

Did you know that?

Adam Keane, a 20-year-old rapist from Daragh in Clare, claims his life has been ruined by the publicity surrounding his recent conviction for rape. He doesn’t like to see his name mentioned in public, even though he is a rapist and a piece of shit. The rapist, Adam Keane, 20, from Daragh, Co Clare, is upset because his victim, Mary Shannon, went public to protest against the leniency of the sentence that Adam Keane, the filthy rapist, got for committing rape.

Adam Keane, the rapist, was in court during the week, in front of Mr Justice Carney. Adam Keane, the rapist, broke into a woman’s house and raped her. When charged, Adam Keane pleaded not guilty and bizarrely, despite the fact that there was DNA evidence to prove that he was the rapist, two of the jury decided he was innocent. Adam Keane, the scumbag, was nevertheless convicted by a majority of 10 to 2. And Adam Keane is therefore officially a convicted rapist.

Mr Justice Carney said that he was uncomfortable giving Adam Keane the rapist a custodial sentence, because what Adam Keane did was “out of character”. Adam Keane, the rapist, came from a good home, and furthermore, the rapist bastard, Adam Keane, couldn’t remember committing the crime because Adam Keane, the filthy rapist fucker, was under the influence of drink and drugs.

So what did Mr Carney do? He gave Adam Keane, the rapist, a three-year suspended sentence.

Mary Shannon was horrified, and decided to waive anonymity. As a result, poor Adam Keane, the filthy rapist, thinks his life is ruined.

Now. Does Adam Keane, the scum rapist, think he had anything to do with ruining his own life, or that of Mary Shannon?

Apparently not. It’s the victim’s fault for not staying quiet about being raped by Adam Keane, the filthy vermin rapist scum.

And it’s the fault of the media for reporting Adam Keane’s identity. Did they lie? They did not. They simply reported that Adam Keane, 20, who lives in Daragh, County Clare, is an evil raping bastard. Which he is. Which is, in fact, simply the truth.

I’m fascinated by this defence, however, and I’m going to use it the next time I plough into a family of travelling Carpathian acrobats.

Mr Bock. You are charged with driving your gigantic Bockmobile straight into a troupe of travelling Carpathian acrobats, killing nine and maiming twenty-four of them. How do you plead?

Eh. Well, Judge. I’m not sure.

Come, come, Mr Bock. What can you mean?

Well, Judge, you see, I was out of my skull on tequila slammers and mescaline. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face and I don’t remember a fuckin thing about it.

Oh. I see. Well, Mr Bock, as you clearly come from a good family, and as you’ve never mown down a family of acrobats before, I’m sentencing you to four nights in the pub. Now be off with you.

Thank you, Judge.

You’re welcome, Mr Bock. Next!

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23 thoughts on “Adam Keane is a Convicted Rapist

  1. Mister Bock, did that filthy rapist Adam Keane rape somebody? I coulda sworn I heard something to that effect, but I can’t be sure…

  2. Well, you see Salem, the filthy fucker Adam Keane is a bit sensitive about having his name publicised.

    He feels it’s ruining his life.

    So it would be a terrible thing if you or any of your friends put the name Adam Keane on your site or spread it all over the world.

    I wouldn’t like poor Adam Keane, the disgusting rapist, to be more upset than he is at the moment.

    He’s been through a lot. Poor Adam Keane, the filthy rapist bastard.

  3. Mister Bock, I wouldna dare do such a thing as to spread these malicious truths. The most I’ll do is submit it to my own private thoughts, which happen to be hosted at

    Not that anyone would read something so posted on the internets.

  4. The whole concept of getting a lesser sentence by pleading guilty should only come into account in countries where the death penalty is in place. You say admit it, maybe show us some other bodies, we’ll let you rot in prison. But other places, it shouldn’t matter what you plead – if you did it you did it and should be sentenced accordingly. Poor Mary Shannon will spend the rest of her life in pieces because of this bastard who she could at any given point in time run into… it’s just disgusting. Bock – you are great to cover this so much – some men just don’t understand how traumatic and life altering sexual assault is to women… Justice Carney obviously being one of them.

  5. this judge should step down nobody should get awa with rape. to go into a house and rape a grl in her wn bed is a serious crime and i think he should have ot at least 7yeas and im not vinditive in any way but this case is unbelievable.

  6. My dear, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….

    You are bloody brilliant.

  7. Clare rapist handed ten-year sentence
    Wednesday, 19 December 2007 10:49

    The Court of Criminal Appeal has imposed a ten-year prison sentence on the 20-year-old man convicted of the rape of woman from Co Clare. Mary Shannon, a 33-year-old mother of three, was raped in May 2005. She waived right to anonymity after Adam Keane, from Barnageeha in Daragh Co Clare, was initially given a three-year suspended sentence for the attack.

    He was then ordered to serve the sentence after making what the trial judge described as a ‘triumphalist gesture’ against the victim in the case. Keane flicked a cigarette at Ms Shannon after both took the train home to Ennis after the original sentencing. An appeal against the sentence on the grounds of ‘undue leniency’ was lodged by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

    The Court of Criminal Appeal said this morning that the original sentence handed down by the Central Criminal Court was unduly lenient and the court upheld the appeal of the DPP. Mary Shannon was in court with her family when the judgment was handed down.

    The final three years of the ten-year sentence were suspended.

    Chief Justice John Murray said that the offence of rape is a grave physical assault. He said in this case it was aggravated by the fact that the rape took place in the victim’s own home and bed whilst her three children were in close proximity.

    Mr Murray said the fact that Adam Keane had taken alcohol and drugs on the night in question did not absolve him of any responsibility.

    Story from RTÉ News:

  8. I’d like to take this opportunity to say “Merry Christmas” to Adam Keane, the rapist. And a very happy fucking New Year.

  9. Has anyone got a picture of the now convicted correctly and righteously, cigarette-flipping, drug addled, drunk-from-a-good-home rapist Adam Keane?
    I was thinking of, I dunno, target practice, maybe darts?

  10. your all fucked in the head i bet not one of ye even no either of these people and ur probably all freaks with no friend tryin to pretend u have by sayin all this shit bout adam come to ennis an u will see wat everyone thinks of that fool mary shannon and how many friends adam has he is a lovely guy and she is a heroin head good luck fools

  11. fck me pnk wat de nme o’ jezis woz dat txt-fckology bout?

    So much for how the education budget is covering the cracks.

  12. I was going to delete the fool’s comment, but then I decided people might be interested to see what kind of friends the rapist has.

  13. I noticed the comment earlier on and so read the post. Ironicly, I knew nothing of the case but after reading the impressively written comment by Karen, I went and read a few articles and, thanks to you Karen, I now know Adam Keane is a rapist. So thanks for that.

  14. Indeed. This is an old post and it would probably have been forgotten so I suppose big thanks are due to Karen for bringing it back to the top and reminding the world that Adam Keane is in fact a rapist.

    Well done Karen. Smrt grl.

  15. Ah in fairness now, Karen does say that Adam….that’s Adam Keane the Rapist…is a lovely guy.

    Karen has standards, and rapists like Adam Keane can be lovely guys to gals like Karen, who can, in their own way, be very acommodating to lovely people like Adam Keane the Rapist.

    He could even flick a cigarette at her after being lovely to her and she’d only laff cos evry1 in enis tinks his sound like noimean.

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