Bloggers in the Irish Times

Oh, they’re all there. Fústar and Grandad, Skinner, Sweary, Twenty and Mulley.

The whole lot of them, all there together in the Irish Times. And how comfortable they look, lounging around on page 17, in their dinner jackets and cocktail dresses, all positively exuding fin-de-siècle languor and ennui. It’s great. For once, the mainstream media acknowledge the Lords of the Blog O’Sphere.

Where the hell is Bock, I ask myself, as a horrible suspicion begins to form in my frontal suspicion lobes: can this be happening again? Is the terrible Moriarty to my Holmes at it again? The Mycroft to my Sherlock. The Harpo to my Grou- ah you know what I mean.

I scan frantically down the page, and there he is. Again, damn him. Again. Why does he hate me so much? Can’t I even have this tiny pathetic moment of glory?

No. Here’s my evil doppelganger, quoted by the Irish Times, and using the very same words as I did.

Who am I talking about? Why, who else but Block the Robber?

The bastard.

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Enough of that, you. Why, we all need to block the robber. Robbers are the bane of Irish life!

Sorry, sorry. One typo in 2200 words and it had to be you. Would you ever think of changing your name to block, cos it would make life easier for people like me?


Does this site use moderated comments? I tried posting a response to you earlier and can’t see it up here.

Hiya Sweary. See you tomorrow evening, meybe even have a few scoops.

Haydn. Not to worry. It’s my evil half twin obviously. And yes, I do moderate comments because, like Sweary, I was getting too many unevolved dimwits spamming me. I might go back to the vanilla flavoured comments as an experiment and see what happens.

w00t! I get to meet Klaus Kinski!

Haydn spult my name rong too. There are two Es in McInerney, you know. Not illegal Es, now. Eezer Goode, Eezer Goode… sorry.

I’m not going to smack Haydn, though, coz he’s great. :)

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