Feck off, foreign beggars!

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These days, you can’t walk down the street without some foreign fucker looking for money.

I was in Cruise’s Street during the week and this guy with a deeply impressive moustache was directing maybe five or six women and some children where to sit. Different positions up and down the street. They had paper cups to hold out.

You could see that the guy was a serious businessman by the meticulous way he arranged his collectors, and I had to admire that in him, though it was the only thing admirable about the prick. I’m not sure yet what the difference is between this guy and a pimp, as I don’t know what his relationship is with the women, though the body language suggested a relationship of fear.

Now, what about our own beggars? What about the irritating fuckers you used to say fuck off to? Are they out of a job?

Give us a few bob and I’ll say a prayer for ya, Sir.

Is that finished? What a pity.

That’s the European Union for you.

New beggars that you don’t know. Give our beggars back their jobs, that’s what I say.

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    On the other hand, how did you ever know that what a beggar was praying for you was ever actually what you wanted? He could have prayed for a nice reliable Golf GTX for you when what you were really after was a Lexus SC. He might have prayed for a peaceful death – when the time comes – with all your family and neighbours about you, while you hate your family and were actually kinda hoping to go out immediately post-coitus with a Brazillian swimsuit model. He might have been a bit of a bastard beggar and prayed down upon you you boils and marital discord.

    These new-wave beggars maybe aren’t even all that given to praying for money – no unwanted cosmic repercussions from your act of kindness – it’s not all bad!


    Yea, I agree. I was going for lunch on Sunday at Bedford row when I was accosted by a roma gypsy in a shawl with paper cup in hand. She must be about 60 years old. She muttered something in her mother tongue but I walked passed. Don’t they know begging is illegal in this country. The romas were also at Ivan’s cross all this week trying to wash car windows. I told them to feck off. I am sorry but ,this open border policy we were forced into by our government sucks. If I remember we voted no the first time, but Bertie and his crowed made us vote again because he did not like the first result.
    Democracy how are you


    Yaarrr, the foreign pirates don’t stand a chance of getting a foothold on Irish waters – (can you get a foothold in water?) – as the Thirsty Kipper blasts them back to Mercy but the docks are fair streamin with foreign and Irish beggars.. Yaarrr.


    Coming over here. Taking our best pitches. Washing our windscreens. What’s next? Taking our smack? Drinking our Lyndon Village? Passing out and pissing themselves in our doorways and gutters.

    Damn them all to a man. It’s got so a decent scobie can’t even find an alley to shoot up in.


    A NEW influx of beggars have descended upon Limerick city, leading gardai to warn sympathetic people not to conned into parting with money.

    Crime Prevention Officer Liam Sheehan, said that a number of Romanian nationals, with Dublin addresses, have taken to the streets hassling people for financial assistance.

    He referred to a recent incident during which a foreign national attempted to sell a woman a bunch of flowers and stole 90 euro from her purse. The culprit was arrested.

    Garda Sheehan advised people not to give these individuals money.

    “In my opinion, they are clearly doing this for the purpose of making handy money and not because they are in dire straits,” garda Sheehan said.

    At least four individuals have been arrested for begging by community gardai in recent weeks in a move to stem the growing problem.

    Louise Wilkinson, of homeless service Focus Ireland, advises the public not to give money to homeless people on the streets.

    “If people are out on the streets it’s usually because they have been evicted from some of the hostels around town. The services are there in Limerick so there’s no reason to be out on the streets. If they are, it is usually because they have some sort of addiction and have burned their bridges in the hostels. People are feeding their habit by giving them money, be it a drink or heroin addiction or whatever”.

    She adds that if people want to help, they can do so by buying food and beverages such as hot tea or by giving them a piece of clothing.

    She said that while Dublin has seen a big jump in the numbers of foreign national on the street, that Limerick has not experienced the same increase.


    This is hardly new lads, the knackers do this at Christmas every year. Drive around town to strategic locations and deposit a scruffy woman and a childer or two with a dirty paper cup.

    The romany types have been at it a while too, sell roses in bars by night (a handy cover to steal unattended mobile phones and wallets) and put your children on the streets by day with plastic accordions to tug at the heartstrings of the shoppers.

    You see the mustachioed pimps doing their rounds to collect the earnings and then swanning off to the nearest casino to piss it all into the slot machines.


    Look folks, all I’m trying to do is speak out for our local thieves and chancers. I mean, it’s all they know, the poor devils.


    No need to bring local politicians into it !


    i think romania should never of been allow join the eu number 1 every where you look you will find one begging and when they beg off me i tell them to go home or get a job the best one was the other day me and my brother was going down the nc road when this cunt of a romanian in a black 95 bmw jammed on his brakes because one of his mates who he set it up for to cut in on him real quick causing my brother to brake and run in to him and then when my brother got out of his car to tell the guy what happened he told my brother if you give me 100 euros we will leave it at that then he said he would take 20 euros its a new scam where the guy drives out and his mate will cut in quick casing a rearending of a car be hind him the other one is comming out of a side road be careful if some gives you right a way the let you out but as you come out the run in to you and claim you came out on them even though they gave you right of way this is the scum who the eu let join them send them home if the dont want to work there is no free lunches here for them and the goverment of this country needs to tell them that they are parsites and start treating the irish with respect romanian scum go home you are not welcome here you or your likes


    How do you know they were Romanian – did you check their passports?


    If they’re making such a nice bit of “handy munney”, go out and do it yourselves!

    Not saying some Roma’s aren’t annoying as fuck, but no more annoying than the “d’ya have some chaynge there bud?!” Irish scobes strategically hanging around the luas ticket machines and all over town.


    Ah, but the foreign beggars are working for less than our own beggars. They don’t care about the minimum donation.


    Going down O’Connell Street at lunchtime, and “one of our own” was outside O’Mahony’s with standard issue cardboard coffee cup clad in class junkie gear and tackies intoning his ‘cupolo euro bud’ mantra, when a ringtone from his jacka’ pocket interrupted him.

    He reaches in and pulls out one of these Star Trekkie slimline-fan-fuckin’-tastic phones which makes my Model T version look like a peat briquette in comparison.

    And he wants my money?


    Another scam to watch out for, a couple of miles down road , when you turn right outside borris-in-ossery for Abbeyleix, friend of mine rounded a bend to see a motorbike on its side by ditch, man lying on side of road, other man flagging her down, when she lowered her drivers side window and the man asked her for help, she caught a movement in the back, the man lying on roadside was trying to open her back door, lucky for her she had her central locking on, so she sped off, she had a small child with her.
    Not going to speculate on where they were from but they were’nt Irish, she did’nt know what their intention was but she was rightly scared.
    Whats with the ” homeless ” signs some of the Roma beggars have ? They are not homeless.


    listen the guy that asked did i check his passport you where not there so dont be smart let all roma gysies go ho me they are scum and not welcome here all they are are thiefs and low lifes filth


    Jesus, that’s all I need. Illiterate drunken xenophobic idiots spouting hatred.

    Bye Gerard.

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