Henry Rollins Writes to Laura Bush

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Mar 072007

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    Hey Bock, thanks for shaming me on the Rossport post on my blog. I realise now that I was wrong – but I was attacking the UCD hippies, and Shell to Sea were just a convenient target, I guess.

    I’ve taken down the post, and I have a changed view of the whole Rossport situation.



    Dario. I didn’t mean to shame you, and in fact, I don’t think I said anything personal about you. I only addressed the points you made.

    It’s a pity you took the post down ass I was going to link to it.

    In my view, the Shell to Sea campaign are very moderate since they happen to agree with giving away the gas. They just want it processed at sea.

    Personally, I’d tell Shell to fuck off.


    If I were Laura I’d go for it. I’d use my God-given librarian skills and file George way back in the darkest, dustiest part of the stacks where he’ll never find his way out, ‘cos the “catamaloguing is too complex” for him to figure out. Then I’d lose the index card somewhere in the To Shred pile.

    I’d then take off my glasses, shake down my hair and hie me to Henry’s house. Mmmmmm, Henry Rollins is dreamy. Too muscly for proper dreamy but still plenty nice for day-dreamy.


    No better buchaill than our Henry.I hear he’s actually thinking about moving back to DC.The Washington Post was all a quiver and when he took a look at his old neighbourhood (all yuppified since the late 90’s) he said “It used to be a cool place..now it’s full of fucking Sting fans.”


    Rollins is truly a fine chap – except for one book of his, which I hated. But when he does stuff like this, he’s da man.

    Sorry, I know this is a rubbish comment… But Rollins does rock. Never forget seeing him for the first time, when the Rollins Band supported the Chili Peppers just before they became shite. Quite a night it was too.


    Sam, Devin: Yeah. Henry’s the business. I’ve been a fan ever since “Liar”

    Badgerdaddy: And much the same comment as above. Jesus, surely somebody hates him?

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