Ireland 19 – Scotland 18

I was chatting to The Great Zucchini yesterday after the match.

The Scots fucked us up, I said. We should have scored a bag of tries today.

Yeah, he replied. I hate that kind of negative cynical destructive kind of rugby. Holding up the ball. Slowing the game down. Beating the shit out of our players in the ruck. Playing the ball on the floor. Offside the whole time. Horrible.

Unless Munster are doing it? I ventured.

Yeah, he said, but then we call it ten-man never-say-die up-the-jumper rugby with a great fighting team spirit dogging it out to the bitter end.


Yeah, he said. It’s different.

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Now, you see, this is how lame we Leinster fans are. Not only do you guys outnumber us in a match on our own turf, you even have better jokes on your own team than we do! No way would a Leinster fan come up with that! Sure we’re so thick a lot of us were trying to be patriotic wearingour provincial jerseys yesterday even though they actually say “Scotland” on them!!!

Hey Bock— may I get familiar–this tenth man is’nt he a little ‘precious’–do I recall some Aussie guy beating the shit out of him ! now its alleged that he was chocked just at the final whistle by a Scot.Are not your 9th and 10th just pushing it a bit too far!Don’t you recall he of the injured hand landing a right uppercut on wee Danny Grewcock!Will.

JLP: Ah now. You’re being a bit hard on Leinster supporters there. Aren’t you?

Ah, you are. Go on.

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