New Cork maternity hospital

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Mar 242007

Irish readers will know about the dispute in Cork about opening the new maternity hospital. The nurses’ organisation says the proposed staff levels are too low for safety and they won’t operate the hospital unless numbers are increased. Well and good. I don’t know. (Not being a nurse, or a doctor – or even a hospital manager, which in this country means a pen-pusher with a middling Leaving Cert and a fancy new job description, who knows fuck-all about patient care.)

Professor Brendan Drumm, on the other hand, knows quite a lot about medicine. He’s a professor which means he’s really incredibly smart and probably knows five languages as well as being a doctor, and he can also probably play the saxophone and ride a unicycle.

Brendan made a statement today about the Cork thing. He said this whole action by the nurses isn’t about patient care at all. According to Brendan, it’s all about money.

Now. Wasn’t this the same Professor Brendan Drumm who rejected the government’s job offer because they wouldn’t give him enough money?

Hmm. Not that it has anything to do with it. I was just wondering, y’know?

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    Money, it’s a gas. Also, the root of all evil today, apparently.


    Would it fly at all, on a predominantly Irish blog, to say I think that Mr. Drumm should put a Cork in it?

    Didn’t think so.

    Sorry :(


    Hey, people like money… What can you do?


    Well, that would put him in a unique position to know, now wouldn’t it?

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