Paedophile Speaks Out

Here’s a reply I received to this post: Paedophile is not a word.

Anonymous said… I know you aren’t going to post this comment, but paedophilia is actually a word coined by Kurt Freund more than 100 years ago and it means a sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children. The fact that you can’t understand the difference between an attraction and an action makes you a monster, IMO.

This is a lie. Kurt Freund coined nothing 100 years ago. He first carelessly used the term in 1972, and it was immediately grabbed as a flag of convenience by every child abuser and pervert in the world. As I said already, what these guys engage in is paedophobia, not paedophilia.

I heard that paedophobes think everyone else is in the wrong, but I never saw it in action till now. This creature believes I’m the monster?

I think that tells you all you need to know.

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9 thoughts on “Paedophile Speaks Out

  1. It makes you wonder if people actually read these posts or just gloss over them for the purposes of making some purile and moronic comment.

  2. I think you’re totally missing the point. Paedophilia is not the act of sex with children – the term for that is child molestation. Using the same word for someone who is attracted to children and someone who actually acts on their urges just confuses people and benefits nobody.

    Whether you wish to call it paedophilia, minor-attraction, or “paedophobia”, being attracted to children is not the same as having sex with children, unless you believe in thought crime.

    I can distinguish between thought and action, which is why I don’t have sex with kids. You, on the other hand, have been unable to show any understanding on the differences, which is why I personally believe that you are the monster.

  3. There is no end to the dishonesty of these fuckers.

    My post was about the use of the word paedophile to describe people who sexually abuse children.

    If somebody wants to fantasise about fucking children, I think they have a major problem, and I wouldn’t have them near my children. But that is not what my post was about, and they know it.

    The miserable pervert fuckers.

  4. Who the fuck is this blue ribbon fucker? Is he saying it’s alright to be attracted to children as long as you don’t act on it? Seek therapy, you sad fucker.

  5. I clicked on that blueribbon person and I’m sorry I did. Deluded doesn’t do “them” justice. They think Bock is a monster??? God Almighty!

  6. My post was about the use of the word paedophile to describe people who sexually abuse children.

    That’s the problem. “Paedophile” does not mean child sex abuse, it’s a term which refers to someone who’s attracted to young children.

    If somebody wants to fantasise about fucking children….

    I don’t think anyone wants to fantasize about fucking children.

    I think they have a major problem, and I wouldn’t have them near my children.

    That’s your choice, but your children will probably know a lot of paedophiles who you assume are just regular heterosexual or gay guys. A lot of paedophiles work with children, so you will struggle.

    Seek therapy, you sad fucker.

    You can’t “cure” someone of their sexual attraction.

    Minor-attracted people who seek therapy are treated like child molesters, so why would any paedophile seek therapy?

    I’ve just written a long post about the therapy issue here –

  7. Right. This is going nowhere. I’m not giving this fucker a platform, so that’s the end of special pleading on behalf of paedophobes.

  8. There was a great invention for use on Bullocks and Horses that would be appropriate for use on Bastards like this blue ribbon fucker. Anyone who tried to justify himself like he does should get the Burdizo Treament.

    And for anyone who wishes a translation then

    As a preventative measure I’m sure it would work….. Get yerself sorted son, or we’ll hafta get ya sorted….

  9. Bock, this individual’s argument is purely about semantics and mis-labeling.

    Because that’s what’s important here, right? Yeah, right…

    I think he’s missing the point that you’re already stating that paedophile is an incorrect label. In a way, you’re actually agreeing with each other… Kind of. Except one of you (blue ribbon) runs a blog about ‘child love’ and the other (Bock) thinks you’re a cunt.

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