Post-Blogbash Trauma

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Mar 042007

It isn’t.

No human could.

Home safe, but.

Last night was.

We all.







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    Hurry up you cryptic fucker. Spill the beans.


    Jesus, Kav, have pity on me. I’m in an awful state.


    Pity is for cunts like me who sat at home and thought about what you lot were up to while I was taking photos of the moon, instead of getting absolutely shitfaced as I’d intended.


    Oh God, the head is hopping off me.

    But I can tell you that I bumped into a few of The Disembodied, including the Swearing Couple and Maz, the style guru. And I met Twenty Major, so now my life is complete. He even spoke to me.

    Also, there was that Nirvana of all pissheads everywhere: a Free Bar.


    A free fucking bar? Bastards!That’s it! Kav! get yer arse to Limerick in September and met me at Bock’s.We’re going to do our own Blog awards where we award Bock the courtesy of not being thrown in the Shannon with a concrete blog tied to his ankles.
    I should have gone..I should have fucking gone….fuck.
    Oh,well done and all that Bock.


    Free? Christ on a cart, no wonder you’re suffering. What’s this chat about y’all being, ahem, well-dressed?

    You know, if I’m still in the blogging game next year I might just have to come over.


    em,he came nowhere.he lost.despite the pleas,threats.


    Yeah, it sounds better than clicking refresh in a land where you couldn’t even see the not seeing of the moon


    Folks, it looks like we got us a retard.

    We’ll see what it says next and maybe cancel it after that. What do you reckon?


    I’m not surprised you have such a bad hangover, free bar, lucky bastards. How did you know it was 20 major when you met him? Did you wear name badges?
    Cheers Tim
    ps I saw a sign for Super Bock in Bordeaux, are you behind that?


    I think the hanger queen is spotting you bock. you lucky bastard.


    Free Bar????????/Where the f*** was I for that free bar?? Not only did I not win Best Dressed female but I missed the free bar, can this get any worse?


    Sorry you are feeling poorly. How did it go?


    Free bar – for Irish bloggers. Jaysus that was brave


    Kav: see next post

    Eolaí : yeah, it was better than a poke in the eye. You should go next year if you’re around.

    Tim: I met a guy who claimed to be Twenty, but hey, who knows?

    Maz: Nyah nyah nyah

    Sassy: Just a touch of the flu, or something

    John: Not brave surely. Insane perhaps.


    I met a guy at the bar who claimed to be Bock the Robber.


    Bad luck Bock, the guys look terrific, very worrisome. I’m sure old Major got a jolt when he saw them.


    Twenty: You give my boys a good description and this muddafukka goes straight into the foundations of the new Thomond Park.

    Fatmammycat: They’re scary bastards but you want to try working with them. As far as I know, they didn’t scare Twenty Major. At least, that’s what I hear.


    I am the very soul of discretion, Bock, don’t you worry.

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