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In case you missed it, Scunthorpe United are at present eight points clear of their nearest rivals, Bristol City, at the top of League One, and ten clear of Nottingham Forest. What’s more, they’re at home to Forest tomorrow in what could well be the decider. Right now, it looks as though Scunthorpe might well qualify for promotion automatically.

It’s ludicrous. If Scunthorpe go up, they’ll be playing against the likes of Sheffield Wednesday, Southampton and Crystal Palace. Not to mention Mick McCarthy’s Wolves, though probably not Roy Keane’s Sunderland, who will probably be promoted, a fact which gives me quiet satisfaction and which also tells you where I stood in the Second Civil War.

This is not funny. It’s no longer ridiculous to support Scunthorpe, and there have been ugly mutterings in the Wrinkly camp about finding another team of losers to follow. Accrington Stanley, or maybe Workington.

What next? Scunthorpe to top the Premiership? Scunthorpe into Europe? Can you imagine it? Those legendary heart-stopping clashes between Scunthorpe and Barcelona.

No. Neither can I.

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    Don’t give up on your team just because they’re winners, Bock! Hang on, there’s something very perverse about that sentence, all kind of upside-downyish…
    I’m with you on the second civil war, and am gloating loudly today as Sunderland win again and reach 3rd place. Good lad, Roy! He’s some man.


    Ah, two points dropped. Damnable luck. Still, looks good for promotion. I’m looking forward to the Villa actually doing well next season but, y’never know. We could be playing Scunthorpe next season if we don’t start winning games.


    Mairéad: It’s good to be awkward about such things.

    Cap’n P: Two points dropped, but they maintain the gap with Forest, which is important. We’ll wait in hope.

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