The paedophobe has moved

You might remember the child-hating thing that called me a monster. It’s now posting its comments on Dickler’s blog. In fact, it has threatened him with legal action for inciting hatred against child-molesters.

If you’d like to fling insults at it, go HERE.

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UPDATE: OK. We got tired of ridiculous whining perverts trying to justify their existence. Dickler has deleted the pathetic fools from his comments. Likewise, they won’t get a platform here.

This has been a real education. Here you have these people who claim the right to be alone with children because they see nothing wrong with their tendencies.

Let’s be clear about something here. There is no comparison between these jerks and those who are of a straight or gay orientation. Straight people and gay people engage in sexual activity with other adults. Very simple. Sex with a child is rape. Also very simple. So therefore, what we have been hearing from is a pervert who fantasises about child-rape, and claims the right to be close to the objects of its rape-fantasies.

It’s that stark.

Well, now we have seen evil at first hand. Let’s draw back before we become soiled by it.

13 thoughts on “The paedophobe has moved

  1. I read this guy’s blog and, apart from his sexual orientation, what also disturbed me about it was the way in which he suggests that science can be divorced from politics, sexual politics in particular, and then be used to normalise what is essentially an activity based on abuse, exploitation and the destruction of life.

    Like rape, what he advocates is not about sex or sexual desire, but about power over the weakest and most vulnerable. It’s not about love, but about a failure to engage with and understand the implications of the desires he presumably feels and their consequences for the very idea of love.

    Using science to support this lack of moral and political insight is the worst kind of 19th Century scientism that found its apogee in concentration camps.

    You’re right to describe his position and those who share it as paedophobia, a term I shall use myself from now own.

  2. Indeed. This creature is a particularly offensive specimen, but it’s also puffed up with its own self-importance.

    There’s a bullying streak in it too. Did you notice the way it tried to intimidate Dickler? What it might not realise is that if Dickler got his hands on it, he’d be quite capable of ripping it limb from limb, which is what it deserves.

  3. I went and commented at length. The little idiot isn’t going to listen to anyone obviously because his head is even further up his own arse than most teenagers. But all that violent talk on his site about his father and mother? The kid needs help in the worst way.

  4. A big flat rock to the head is the only thing that will help that cunt.

    I’m not into rehabilitating pedos, I’m into getting rid of them.

  5. I have written to the Blog administrators to have this blog removed and it’s details passed on to the police.

  6. Liam’s written an eloquent comment on it above, wish I could do the same, but I get choked up with anger every time I think about these fuckers.

    You already know my feelings on it anyway. No rehab, castration’s the only solution for these sick cunts.

  7. Yeah. You’re right.

    I notice Dickler deleted the pathetic fuckers too. He probably got tired of their whingeing.

    Right. That’s the end of perverts replying to this site.

  8. Yup,

    I have changed my comment section to moderated too to stop the bastards geting any further crap up on my space and time. Like the great Z said, I just wish it was that easy to delete them all.

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