Trevor Brennan 3

Well there you have it. Trev’s been banned for life.

Personally, I don’t see why it’s such a terrible thing to be thumping unpleasant little prats who scream sectarian abuse at you. Let’s not forget that rugby followers in these islands are overwhelmingly peaceful people. You will not see a fight at a rugby game (except, perhaps, on the field). But Ulster, unfortunately, has a very unpleasant minority within it, who are both sectarian and racist. This is a pity.

A dear friend of us all died a few years back. Jock Hunter was born in the Western Isles of Scotland and was one of the great raconteurs: a man whose stories were so good, you didn’t care if they were true. Anyway, Jock blundered into Limerick in his late fifties. He was a bit of an oddity. Jock had what the Brits confusingly call a “public school” education, meaning an extremely expensive education, and he was the son of some Scottish lord. Though he sprang from their ruling classes, he was also a wild man, a chancer, and a thoroughly decent fellow, loved by everyone. Though he grew up in a Free Presbyterian household, he ended his days a true Munsterman, and his proudest boast was of an incident that happened when Ulster came to Thomond Park to play Munster.

I’ve finally made it, he used to laugh. I’m finally a real Munsterman.

And then he’d break into his great wheezing bellowing laugh before flinging back another gulp of Guinness.

D’you know what they shouted at me? They said Fuck off you Fenian Bastard!! Me! A black Prod!!

Unfortunately, that isn’t the only kind of black they tend to abuse.

Back to Trevor. Many are wondering why he got such a savage sentence, but I think there’s little enough mystery in it. Trevor is from the wrong side of the tracks as far as the alickadoos are concerned, and they’re delighted to put him back in his rightful place. Here’s what Zucchini says:

I have been present [in Thomond Park] when he played for Leinster against Munster and the abuse that he got from his own supporters was actually a lot worse than anything we could throw at him. Saying things along the lines of “Go back to your working class roots Brennan where you belong” were hurled at him by a crowd of D4 gobshites one night in T.P. fuckit did they not know where they were for fucks sake.

You think that’s not true? Here’s something I wrote last year. I didn’t make it up.

True Story


Trevor Brennan 2

Trevor Brennan

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9 thoughts on “Trevor Brennan 3

  1. From what I remember they were even less polite than that with auld Jock and also With Pore Auld Trevor, My dear Bock.

    We used to have a saying when I went to school “LEAVE DA MUDDERS OUTUVIT”.

    Now, our Welsh teammate with the teeth like yer man on the ad for the hurling championship “For the glamour Fame” maintains dat what trev’s mum wuz called was rather impolite…….

  2. i KNEW i should have read that book explaining irish history my ex-son-in-law gave me…he was from dublin…might still be there for all i know…*off to google, then look for the book*

  3. Funny old world Bock. Thirty seconds you say? Must have been something rather pointed and explicit. Fans are arseholes, utter lardons…I mingle with them at the football, and whilst I love a hearty old singsong and to be in the (albeit sparse) crowd, I have to admit, I’m most comfortable down the front, near the play, where I can take the odd photograph of the action and away from people who get cross eyed with anger at a misplaced pass.

    I personally don’t believe that any player should retaliate at fans, even take notice of them for that matter(this even includes the whole “Jimmy, Jimmy, Give us a wave” thing)

    The moment the whistle blows, you’re playing and it doesn’t matter what any fucker in the crowd says to you…..If only it worked like that. As a pro, you have no right going near anyone in the crowd. As a human being, sometimes the temptation is too great.

    It’s satisfying to see egregious little pricks getting a mouthfull of pain, but the law will see them as the victim in this situation every time. To a degree they are victims, but only of their own stupidity.

    Fuck, I’ve gone on a bit, haven’t I?

    Cheers anyway…

  4. sectarian and racist

    I thought throwing pound coins at their heads was a way or tipping, oh shit no I feel bad.

  5. To follow on a little , It seems that our trevor may have come a cropper due to our more politically correct way of thinking about these things. I have been present when he played for Leinster against Munster and the abuse that he got from his own supporters was actually a lot worse than anything we could throw at him. Saying things along the lines of “Go back to your working class roots Brennan where you belong” were hurled at him by a crowd of D4 gobshites one night in T.P. fuckit did they not know where they were for fucks sake. I don’t blame the man for leaving for France where he was revered as a demi-god. The same thing happened to the Claw and he was offered work as a player in France following on from the Initialling of the French guys head. However the Irish themselves put paid to that. Look, the guy lost the plot. It happened to me on the pitch once and once only after a savage amount of provocation and slippering by a bastard from a tipperary club who will remain nameless. I flaked seven colours of shite outta the bastard and had to be pulled off him by one of my teammates but he was the one that got sent off, because for once the referee saw what had happened and was in the right place. Didn’t stop me feeling like shit afterwards when I saw his two closed eyes….I was no professional but see what happened with Zizu and Cantona and did either of them get a life ban? It’s typical of the two tone system in the IRFU/IRB we fucked over one of our own.

  6. It’s not all well and good to tenuously link sectarianism in sport as a provocation for GBH. On the one hand, throughout your blog, you very eloquently articulate a vox pop against the skobes in Limerick, but now you rush to a defence of Trevor Brennan. This is bogus, rabble rousing and panders to our safe and secure prejudices against a moving “them ” . When you link this incident to a Shannon match in Stradbrook a couple of years back, when the incident happened in Toulouse, you’re also corralling D4 and Unionism and I’m not sure why .

    There is nothing better then a good hard luck story allowing us to remain entrenched and embittered. Trevor provides this to us.

    I want to believe he was adequately provoked. I also want to maintain an enduring image of the common man from Barnhall, milk-man made good in the South of France, family hard luck story and Disneyland everything . But the truth is different. We don’t know what the supporter said exactly. We want to believe it was something vile to propagate our self-fulfilling notion of Trevor’s innocence . Truth is , nothing justifies his action, nothing. Same nothing as a bunch of skobes kicking the shit out of a defenceless young fella in Moyross or Castletroy, or terrorising old people anywhere.

    The Trevor thing has me in the tension of opposites which Mitch Albom mentioned in “Tuesdays with Morrie”. I want to jump on one side or the other because it’s painful to be impassive, but there you have it .. .

    Tevor’s no fucking hero to me .

    Our children are starting to play rugby now and I can already see now the same thugary I saw when playing badly for too long. Trevor is / was a thug, so was Claw, but they were our thugs and that somehow makes it more palatable . My kids won’t be immediately world wise like Galliamh was with Trevor, when clever Trev was always worth six points against Leinster, and an early sin-binning. My kids and your kids might well be hurt by this type of thug.

    Why did he retire from all rugby last week, just days before the verdict. How cheap was that ? Also please, let’s not go on about any quasi-legal rugby boards and justice

    PS – I found my way in .

    Mikell = Sniffle&Cry

  7. Ah! God man Mikell. You made it. Well done. Now you can set up your own blog and start ranting shite like the rest of us chancers.

  8. Sectarian ? I think you will find Brennan admitted that there was no sectarian comments and then decided to come up with the mother excuse a la Zidane (when in Toulouse…) cos the French will love him for it.

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