Trócaire ad banned

What about the good old Broadcasting Commission of Ireland, huh? Now there’s a fearless watchdog working to keep Ireland a better place, wouldn’t you think?

I was especially taken by the BCI’s latest spectacular, where they banned an ad from the charity, Trócaire.

You might have seen it. It’s about the appalling treatment of women in the “developing” world, as people sometimes call it. The ad shows dozens of babies and a voiceover explains that they were born with something more prevalent than AIDS, or cancer or HIV: they’re female. It explains how, in some parts of the world, they’ll be subjected to circumcision, murder and sexual slavery. It urges our government to take action on these issues and asks people to be aware of what’s going on.

What’s wrong with that, you might be asking? What’s wrong with making our government sign a treaty condemning such awful practices? Well, according to the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland, you can’t do that. You can’t have an ad like this because it’s – go on, guess. Yep, it’s political! You see, we have a law here in this country that forbids the broadcast of ads on political matters or religion. It’s a good law, and it’s designed to keep demagogues and God-maniacs out of our faces. But unfortunately, we also have civil servants who are in thrall to the new spurious God of Political Correctness, and that’s why you can’t have an ad protesting about rape, murder, female circumcision and oppression. That’s politics, according to the BCI.

How about that now?

Imagine if we were back in the Forties, but with television. Here comes an ad showing bulldozers pushing mountains of corpses into a pit at Auschwitz, Treblinka or Sachsenhausen. Outraged, you put out an ad : down with this sort of thing.

Nah! Sorry, says the BCI. Too political. You can’t do it, sorry, it’s politics.

There you are with your camera in Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge are herding the entire population of Phnom Penh out into the fields to be slaughtered.

This is fucking awful, says you. I must tell the world.

Next thing you know, here’s a civil servant from the BCI. Aodhogán Ó Fruallacháin, let’s say, or some other Irish-Civil-Servanty type name. I’m afraid not. Under section 11(5)(b)(iii) of the Act, this is clearly a political advertisement, and we cannot permit its broadcast. A Chara.

I see. What a tremendous sense of overview these BCI people have. How committed to their brief, come what may.

Giant civil-servant-eating aliens’ mothership hovers above the Department for Banning TV Ads. Maybe I could put out an ad warning people not to help the aliens because they want to devour the whole planet when they’ve finished the civil servants?

Eh, no. Sorry. Eh, ’tis politics, ya see. Can’t allow it. Eh, no. A chara.

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Hi Bock,

I smell the influence of Islamic conservatives and the pc missies who say we shouldn’t say uncharitable things about those richly diverse societies that mutilate female genitals.

Bock, I need you to think very hard about something – very hard – for both our sakes: Is there any way this law could be applied to those fekin Bothar ads before we both crack up?

Though I do mildy agree with the sentiment of what you write, your analogies are off the wall and don’t do you justice…

I disagree strongly with the “mildly” disagreeing Anonymous above. It’s never scary to do this with somebody who goes by Anonymous.

I don’t see that Bock has made a false analogy at all in comparing “circumcision, murder and sexual slavery” to the worst atrocities of the twentieth century.

This is horrific no matter what benchmark you’re using. It doesn’t take place in the context of war, but of culture which makes it tricky to address culturally. But it shouldn’t. It just shouldn’t. We are tolerating intolerance if we let that happen and it’s unforgivable.

Isn’t a girl’s right to staying intact and unmutilated – frequently done to ensure a woman has no sexual pleasure and will therefore remain faithful; her right to give up her virginity to whomever she chooses; to not being indentured into sexual or domestic or economic slavery; to be free from culturally or religiously mandated terrorism of her sex; aren’t these rights we should uphold every bit as much as the rights not to experience any other horrors?

We may plead religious respect and tolerance of other cultures in order to justify it, but the truth we all know, is that it’s very very wrong, and to not acknowledge that is to be “tolerant” of something desperately wrong that needs to be fixed now.

Up your arse to any broadcaster who is too prurient to deal with such a bloody history of criminal subjection.

Drunk, for thisis my drunken pub quiz night (we won! Liquid prizes!). Sorry for going on. But not really all that sorry. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to your point of view, Anonymous, but really, we can afford the luxury of tolerance and millions of women around the world shouldn’t have to pay for that. We should be doing something to help them, changing hearts and minds, outlawing certain practices, anything we can.

Be as disrespectful as you like, Sam. You’re dead right, and in any case anonymous posters have no human rights on this site.

Right on Sam! I couldn’t believe your post. I saw that ad and thought it was well done! Once again women are f***ed over by the media!

While you’re on to the BCI see if you can get them to do something about annoying cunt that’s ‘Getting a new car’ !!
That smug, self-centred fucker should be dragged behind his ‘new car’ through the Phoenix Park and then get thrown over the wall into the Tiger’s enclosure. I know, I know. It’s only an ad. But every time I hear it, I want to climb into the radio and box the cunt !

You’re right, Bock, it’s a farce, BUT it’s also farcical that the Holy Roman Catholic Church’s charity – Trócaire – is collecting money to fight gender inequality! The most gender unequal crowd in the Universe. Start with yerselves, lads!!!!!

Humble Housewife: Hello

Wrinkly Joe: I’ll see what I can do about the smug D4 bastard. He probably works in RTE, paid for by you and me.

Mairéad: In fairness to Trócaire, they’ve always been a bit at odds with the bishops, and more into the liberation end of theology.

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