Worst police force in Europe

Did you ever hear of Frank Shortt?

Probably not, but I won’t be long telling you who he is.

Frank Shortt owned a bar in Donegal, and in 1995 he was convicted of allowing drugs to be sold on his premises. The bastard, you might say. Indeed.

In its judgement last Wednesday, the Irish Supreme Court increased an earlier award to Frank Shortt for miscarriage of justice from 1.93 million euros to 4.5 million euros.

He was imprisoned, lost his business, his family and his health and was struck off as an accountant because Irish policemen lied to put him in jail. As Mr Justice Hardiman remarked in his judgement, Frank Shortt was “perjured into prison” by the Irish police.

This was one of the most damning judgements ever handed down by the Irish Supreme Court and continues a long line of disastrous investigations into the most inept and corrupt police force in Europe.

You only have to read the Morris report to see what these guys are like.

Here’s Mr Justice Morris, quoted in an earlier post:

The Tribunal has been staggered by the amount of indiscipline and insubordination it has found in the Garda force. There is a small, but disproportionately influential, core of mischief-making members who will not obey orders, who will not follow procedures, who will not tell the truth and who have no respect for their officers.

These are the people we pay to stand between us and the criminals. Maybe we should reconsider. Maybe we need to pay criminals to stand between us and the Guards. Maybe there isn’t any difference.


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24 thoughts on “Worst police force in Europe

  1. you sound surprised!they are just following the example set by the political leaders.people like noel dempsey bertie and the rest of them must have taken bribes from shell.and as for the leader of the main opposition,what a complete wanker.we need a lot more morris tribunals with real powers to strip them of their ill gotten gains.good luck with your rants,you are an breath of fresh air.crossman mayo.

  2. And there was me thinking TJ & TJ on Today FM was comedy. It’s the best ever piece of factual radio programming ever.

  3. I was on a jury once and a garda was called up to read out the interview he’d carried out with the defendant. After about five minutes of incomprehensible yeses, nos and maybes as he read out the defendant’s answers we finally had to ask the judge if he could possibly read out the questions as well so we’d know what the answers were relating to.

    The response? “But your Honour, I only wrote down the answers…”

    Honestly. You couldn’t make it up…

  4. I agree that we have the worst police force in Europe if not the world,i live in a very bad part of town and although we have our fair share of scum bags the majority of our young people are not involved in crime or drugs,this does not however stop them from being subjected to the same kind of mistreatment by the Gardai.Recently a nineteen year old kid was found dead inside a cell in our local station,as usual no explanation was offered

  5. A word in their Defence. I’m a member of the Defence Forces. I have worked alongside the Gards on loads of jobs including weapons interceptions, illegal drug operations, salmon fisheries patrols and other ‘aid to the civil power’ activities. I am not an ex-Gard; I do not have any Gards in my circle of friends or relatives and none of my kids aspire to joining the force, (not that I would attempt to dissuade them otherwise).
    Without exception I found them to be professional, consciencious, courteous and fair. Like any job there must be exceptions but I’ve never met them. Dealing with the public, as they do, and sometimes under the most frightening and distrubing circumstances I think Joe Public should be more supportive of our boys and girls in blue. I remind your readers of the number of Gards who have been killed and injured whilst on and off duty in situations most sensible people would have run away from. Stop bashing the Gards, they’re easy targets. They are not the worst police force in Europe by an measure. (Portugal, France, Italy etc)? Instead have a tip off our politicians and ministers who, instead of providing tax payers money to ensure the Gards are fully enabled to secure our streets, wring their hands and pontificate everytime there is an Abbeylara, Abbeyleix, or Shane Geoghan incident and then revert to benign indifference when the dust has settled .

  6. RocketGoldStar said:

    Instead have a tip off our politicians and ministers who, instead of providing tax payers money to ensure the Gards are fully enabled to secure our streets, wring their hands and pontificate everytime there is an Abbeylara, Abbeyleix, or Shane Geoghan incident and then revert to benign indifference when the dust has settled .

    What about when there is a Brian Rossiter incident – how F’n professional are they then?

    Who will they charge with murder for the death of a 14 yr old in a cold cell in Clonmel?

    We already know the answer – NO ONE!

    Professional liars and cover-up artists – that’s what they are, you gullible f……

    Hypocritical Irish Scumbags

    yep RocketGoldStar – that is YOU I’m talking about there, boyo

  7. How about charging no one because Rossiter wasnt killed by any Gardai but died as a result of Injuries recieved 2 days prior to being arrested and he was only in the cell because his father refused to take him home! Wheelock commited suicide, its been proven in 2 out of 3 independent investigations and we await the third.

    Worst in Europe? Why because 2 Gardai, yep thats right just 2 were corrupt? For gods sake grow up and get some perspective.

  8. Where’s the rationale here, There are good less good and bad in every walk of life.
    If I were a member of the Gardai, and I’m not, I would get so unbelievably pissed off with all the bashing, whining and never ever getting any acknowledgment for any job well done, out trying to deal with scumbags, watching hours of work walk out of courtrooms and then another bashing from the public, They must ask themselves sometimes, ” why bother ” as they are pleasing nobody.
    Of course there are some right assholes in the force, but there are also many great courageous decent men and women, paying their way, raising families, and trying to protect a populace waiting for them to take a wrong step to reach out and bash them again, What exactly do you want from them, 100% perfection 100% of the time, right, where do you find that any where ?

  9. The problem is there are too many of them trying to avoid scumbags and looking for easier alternatives aka ordinary citizens.I mean thousands of complaints have been upheld by the Garda Ombudsman commision and combine that with the findings of the Morris tribunal and its obvious that there is something seriously rotten about that force.

  10. yes William, that is a point , but can we risk making it the major issue as no alternative is proffered ?

  11. Norma if the Gardai were reformed it might be the most important first step in dealing with the crime issue.Same as you cannot build a good house with cowboy builders you cannot build a secure state with a cowboy police force.

  12. Reform, interesting choice of word, the only reform i have ever known in Ireland was a band Willy Brown used to play in.

  13. The garda are so unprofessional in Ireland and they are getting worse, but the judiciary are also shite so all in all we just have a shit system

  14. I work as a Legal Secretary and have recently returned to work in Limerick. I’ve seen corrupion, major corruption of the years, between Solicitors, Gardai, Judges, witnesses etc. The Garda Ombudsman recently issued a report on Garda corruption in Ireland. Basically they said that they couldn’t find any significant findings to actually say that the majority of Gardai were corrupt. It’s a joke. The Garda Ombudsman are now trying to eliminate smaller complaints, i.e. complaints relating to searches, arrests, warrants etc. They say that the majority of complaints relate to these trivial matters. Personally, I don’t see any real difference between the original and incompetent Garda Complaints Board and the Garda Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is supposed to be more independent – it’s not. They will only get directly involved in complaints if it relates to a serious assault or death. So in actual fact, Gardai are still getting away with harassment and intimidation and no action is usually taken against them. They may be moved to another station for a few months under the guise of a promotion. Most complaints are dealt with by another member of An Garda Siochana supposedly under the supervision of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman never actually speaks or interviews the Gardai complained. They go on the word of the Garda appointed to investigate and more often than not, they know each other. A complaint about a Garda in Limerick is more that likely to be investigated by another Gard/Supr down the road!! Most people resort to making a complaint because the local system has failed them i.e. they try make a complaint to the Garda’s superior and that complaint usually goes unnoticed, is passed over or they is suddenly have no record of the complaint in the first place.

    What follows is sometimes a process of harrassment and intimidation by the Gardai towards the person that made the complaint. It’s a viscious circle people.

  15. Lockinvar…thanks for that post it is good to hear from somebody who knows whats going on.Sadly I had some optimism about the Ombudsman Commission.But I guess any optimism in Ireland is a bit of a delusion.The country is rotten and will never change.Anything supposed to change it is just a smoke and mirrors act.

  16. The police are very highly paid in Ireland by European standards , German police earn a fraction of what they get here. The other week I read in the press the big payouts many got for injuries they received in the line of duty. Recently I saw a notice in Frankfurt airport asking for donations for a young police woman shot dead by armed robbers. The reason is that they do not make big payments for officers killed on duty as the risk is factored in to the nature of the job. As a former Guard told me, about 30% of Guards in Ireland are decent and hard working and the rest are power tripping ignorant fools.

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