Great Friday

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Apr 072007

For years, we have celebrated Good Friday by heading up to Lough Derg and going across the lake on boats, from Garrykennedy to Mountshannon. In keeping with tradition, we bring large amounts of beer, several musical instruments and a firm intention to have a bit of crack which, you’d have to say is a lot better than that miserable old religion shit.

Well and good. What a fine way to celebrate the springtime resurrection of Nature.

Yesterday went according to plan and we travelled across on three motor-boats. We settled in on the quayside at Mountshannon and, in the usual glorious Good Friday sunshine, we stayed there all day and all night long singing songs and slugging beer.

How bad?

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    What an awesome day you had for it. And a nice new way to celebrate the even older worship of Dionysus. Wagners Ring its not, but you did your best. The ‘on water in boats’ thing you had going, now thats just perfect. An I’m sure you didn’t forget the Saytr element, a bit of rogering is a must. The fennel and bit of goat, now thats just fluff. While the women going mad with lust and ripping one of the men to death ,while not required is somewhat of a bonus. Well done you. You might try the top of The Keeper next time just to keep the Irish ones happy. You never know, hedge the bets an all.


    I’d like to be a Catholic priest at Easter. The costumes and the Latin seem pretty cool to me. I might feel differently if I’d endured them in my infancy.


    Not bad at all, I’d say.


    Vin: You sound like just the sort of man for this arduous work. You should come along next year.

    Mr Bananas: To the best of my knowledge (though I wouldn’t have much first-hand experience) they don’t bother with the Latin any more. As for the costumes, I believe their preference is for Batman outfits.

    Kav: Indeed. And the year is young yet.


    Beats the shit out of how Jesus spent His Good Friday, I’d say.


    True. I can’t stand hanging around myself. On the other hand, you could say we both got hammered.


    I have a confession Bock. For as long as I can remember, when I’m about to click over to your site, I think of that Beach Boys song, Barbara-Ann. You know the one? Bop-bop-bop-bop-Barbara-Ann?

    Except I sing it Bock-bock-bock-bock-BocktheRobber. In my mind. Yes.

    Other notable songs I sing to your name include: Bock the Magic Robber lives by the Shannon es-choo-ree (to Puff the Magic Dragon), and one other one that escapes me right now.


    Kav, I’m truly touched.

    I thought you’d be humming the well-known Fuck off Bock You Boring Bastard, by the Dead Kennedys.

    But if you’re feeling well disposed towards this humble site, might I suggest We Will, We Will Bock You!

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