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Apr 212007

I was listening to an item on the news about a new report from the Comptroller and Auditor General. This report is about hospital [tag]consultants[/tag], or more particularly about whether we’re getting value for money from them. A very topical matter indeed in this country.

I googled it and and found the report, entitled Medical Consultants Contract.

Here’s an extract:

General Finding

The failure to evolve and implement a model that integrates responsibility for resources, activities and outcomes was a factor that contributed to the failure to activate the key terms of the 1997 contract in regard to monitoring commitments and clinical audit.

Overall, any new contractual arrangements need to specify the administrative and governance changes that are required to achieve effective implementation and be underpinned by a change management drive. Moreover, it would be desirable that the arrangements provide for a verification process to ensure that the agreed change envisaged is delivered in accordance with action plans tailored to the circumstances of individual hospitals.



The really depressing thing is that the report probably contains a lot of valuable information, and I’ll have to wade through this kind of lazy shit writing to find out what it says.


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    Or as normal people might say:

    [1] Say what you are going to do
    [2] Do it
    [3] Prove you’ve done it
    [4] Do it better the next time


    Short answer is they’re taking public pay to do private patients. Unforgiveable.


    Bock, see the Plain English Campaign:

    It should be compulsory for everyone in business, or public service, to comply with their standards. People are paid fortunes to write the kind of gobbledygook you quoted!


    Conor Conor Conor, you’re so naive. Bock we should meet. We could interface and run this radical idea of yours up the flagpole and see what hits the fan.


    Conor: Exactly

    Mr Skinner: We’ll have to look into it more.

    Nora: They’re already on the blogroll.

    Maroon: Good synergy! We can take a helicopter view and pick the low-hanging fruit first.


    My oops!

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