Nurses’ Pay Claim

I decided to see what all this was about so I went to the Government web site and downloaded an impenetrable document which I spent a couple of hours going through.

I made a list of typical Health Service jobs and laid them out according to their maximum salary. It makes for an interesting comparison. By the way, the nurses work 39 hours a week for their salary. The rest have a 35-hour week.

Here we go. Jesus, the things I do for you, and does anyone give a toss?

Student nurse €23,588

Post registered student nurse €27,035 BSc Degree

Student midwife – diploma €29,745 BSc Degree ; RGN

General labourer €30,037 No qualifications

Beautician €30,037 ?

Nurse attendant €31,495 No qualifications

Health care assistant €31,495 No qualifications. 2 weeks induction

Clerical officer €36,913 Leaving Cert

Clerical grade 4 €42,512 Leaving Cert

Staff nurse €43,430 BSc Degree

Senior staff nurse €45,603 BSc Degree

Clerical grade 5 €48,167 Leaving Cert

Social worker – unqualified €51,379 Leaving Cert

Clerical grade 6 €54,760

Clinical nurse manager ii €55,588 BSc Degree
+ 10 yrs experience
+management course

Clinical nurse specialist €55,588 BSc + Higher diploma + clinical experience

Social worker – qualified €56,634 BSc

Clerical grade 7 €59,089 Leaving Cert

Nurse tutor €62,308 MSc + Higher diploma + clinical experience

Social worker, team leader €65,326 BSc + 5 yrs experience

Principal nurse tutor €68,793 PhD + Higher diploma + clinical experience

Director of Human Resources €152,151 Leaving Cert

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38 thoughts on “Nurses’ Pay Claim

  1. Given, that they should get every thing they want and more. Their pay and hours should be pitched nearer that of the civil service.
    Precisely, where it is currently thought to be by the population.

  2. thanks bock its always good to know the story behind the headlines:

    See the below info:

    Starting scales for:

    Staff Nurse
    Prison Officer
    Civil Service Engineer
    State Solicitor

    also their addirional allowances include:
    Sundays and Public Holidays are paid at double time ? a staff nurse, mid point of scale receives an additional €218 for 12 hours duty on a Sunday or Public Holiday. (NB This work is part of their basic 39 hour week.)

    A nurse rostered on night duty receives extra pay at a rate of time plus one-quarter e.g. a nurse who completes a week of nights is paid an additional €354 for this span of duty – gain within normal working week

    and compared to other countries we have a goodd number per head :

    The OECD estimates that the average ratio of nurses per 1,000 population in the EU is 8.5. The OECD has a ratio of 12.2 for Ireland. The comparable ratio for Canada is 9.8, UK 9.1, France 7.3.

    Yes they may deserve more but then dont we all, thats why all the unions agreeed to benchmarking and a national pay agreement.

  3. Excellent post, mate. But you missed one out. The €204,813p.a. paid to a certain Mary (no qualifications needed) Harney

  4. macdara, has hit the nail on the head. Equating the salary of a staff nurse with that of any of the others is not comparing like with like. The position of Nurse is much nearer to the mark of Garda, et al.

  5. I made out the list that way to show the progression within the HSE structure.

    If we’re going to compare nurses to the other people on MacDara’s list, we need to make a proper comparison.

    But first, working hours. This is not part of anyone’s basic package. Anyone who works a week of nights will tell you that the whole week is gone, because you spend the the day in bed and the night at work. At the end of the week, you’re shattered for another two days before you get back into your rhythm. You have almost no useful contact with your family, and if you have children, they don’t see you. Your partner, if you have one, has to double their efforts to make up for the disturbance. And for this you get €354? I’d fling it back at them if anybody suggested I should make all these sacrifices for such a pathetic amount, and just to be clear, nobody is suggesting that it’s part of a normal working week. It’s abnormal, which is why they pay you the money.

    The overtime thing is a red herring. Everyone who works overtime is entitled to extra pay, and I don’t know of too many trades who’s be willing to work for time-and-a-quarter. See if you can find a plumber who would work for that. Guards get overtime. Firemen get overtime. Health Board administrators get it too. Overtime is paid to people who consent to work extra hours over and above their basic.

    You can’t compare a policeman or or a prison officer (and in fact if you compared their overtime rates the difference would jump out and bite you). Nurses have far more expertise and professional training than either of those groups. A Civil Service engineer will end up with a maximum salary far in excess of the amount a nurse gets, with no unsocial hours to work. A solicitor has the likelihood of earning multiples of a nurse’s salary. And as for a teacher, there are three huge differences: June, July and August.

    Things have reached this point because the nurses over the years took on every shit job that was thrown at them, and succumbed to moral blackmail. They’ve finally realised that it isn’t their responsibility to deliver a healthcare service: that responsibility belongs to the government.

  6. What about the poor Joseph Soap who works all day and then hits the pub for the evening and never sees his family and has to pay through the nose for it.

  7. Bock the amounts mentioned are the extra amount on top of the salary, its not overtime if they work bank holiday they get extra , if they work nights they get extra, and if you dont want to do nights then they should pick a job that does not require night work. Also after Nights they have additional days off.

    And yes you should compare properly to the other jobs as there are many policeman and prison officer that would disagree with you on the qualification side and also the difficulty of the work.

    I agree they deserve more pay but thats what the benchmarking is for and their UNions agreed to it , if they dont like the outcome they can go back to the negotiation table. Striking or work to rule is not the answer.

  8. Mr Bock

    The same exploitation goes on in Britain, in the National Health Service, which is not national (there are variations both regionally and in the constituent countries of the UK), does not make people healthy, and gives no service worth having.

    The reason for nurses’ low pay is simple. Nursing is a vocation; all else being equal, nurses like to do it. The more you enjoy your job, the less you are likely to be paid. Lots of qualifications there, I know, but that’s a general trend.

    I would abolish the NHS tomorrow. Anything run by the government is bound to be useless: for the government comprises a bunch of assorted lawyers and polytechnic lecturers unfit for employment elsewhere. I thank God the 1945 Labour govt didn’t nationalize food and clothing as well, or we’d all be naked and starving by now.

  9. Bladdered: This is about nurses. Joseph Soap will have to fight his own battles.

    MacDara: People’s attitudes will have to change: we aren’t talking about angels, or nuns. We’re talking about medical professionals who will shortly be prescribing drugs, and from whom all junior doctors have learned their trade.

    Our police spend two years in their own college and that’s the extent of their qualification. I don’t think our prison officers receive even that amount of training. Nurses on the other hand complete a four-year degree course, and normally go on to specialise in areas such as coronary care or obstetrics, with further study.

    Regarding the overtime, have you seen what police and prison officers draw down?

    Mary Harney made much of a 74% increase over the last few years, but a large percentage of a small number is still a small number.

    Mr Warmington: Nursing was a vocation. It’s now a profession, and one which is being abandoned wholesale in this country for better pay elsewhere.

    Vin: No. If you have those figures, you might let us have them.

  10. The best comparison re health sector pay that I know is to take the amount of money spent on pay in 97 as a proportion of total spend, and compare it to now.
    Then examine the numbers (some, admittedly) of doctors and nurses hired since.
    Then look at the HUGE increase in spending on administration in the health service in the same time period.
    The HSE will tell you all of these admins are ‘frontline people dealing with the public.’ Translated, this means they have a phone, but you won’t get the number.
    Brendan Drumm’s own mammoth remuneration dwarfs that of a ward of nurses, and his kitchen cabinet are all on huge money for working half a week.
    I urge you to do a follow up on health sector admin pay. For me, it’s the clincher why the nurses are right.

  11. Bock, numbers the same, the private peg their scale to that of the HSE. This information from INO at (01) 6640600.

  12. I was too over-served to comment last night.

    My brother is a nurse in a hospital in one of the roughest areas of Glasgow. He gets paid ridiculously badly for what he has to do every day. In addition to doing his job he has to deal with all manner of violent, fucked-up people high on whatever they’re high on that day. Many are in trouble and he has no problem with them but he’s had 4 different people try to knife him on 4 different occasions. He’s been rushed with a needle, had shit thrown at him and been bitten. He feels guilty for thinking of leaving the hospital because it would be more than likely be a female who replaced him and he thinks they need a man on that ward. It’s shite.

    He can’t leave besides because he’s putting his wife through uni.

    He’s on the front lines every day in a place more like a war zone than a hospital. What he gets paid is a joke. And he’s not alone. There are thousands and thousands doing hard, necessary, dangerous jobs every day and does their pay reflect and reward what they do? Does it my bum.

    Grrr. Makes me mad.

  13. Average Nurses pay is €56,000 euro a year including overtime. They want a 10% pay rise and a 10% reduction in the hours they have to work. 39hrs to 35hrs.

    I have no sympathy for them what so ever. They should go back to the days when nurses cleaned down the wards with dis-infectant and looked after the patients comfort. We didn’t have near as many cases of MRSA in the 60’s and 70’s and the nurses weren’t half as much as up their own hole.
    If they don’t like the pay and conditions they should move to a job that gives them better pay and conditions.
    A month working in the private sector would make them realise that their pay and benefits are very good.

  14. OOOOOOh Just bloody brilliant anonymous, lets suppose that they all did just that, fucked off back to the private sector (Which by the way is actually happening at an increasingly alarming rate.) Most of the Well qualified nurses that leave the MWRH in Limerick do not actually get replaced and it’s getting to the stage particularly in areas like Operating Theatre (Which I would think in my humble ole opinion is rather important, what with knives, saws, needles and other such implements being involved along with truckloads of other shite like, drugs, shattered bones, open wounds, cut eyes and suchlike) that they cannot get qualified theatre nurses to apply for the jobs, so what happens, they are replaced with unqualified nurses and those poor misfortunes that remain have to carry more responsibility than ever.

    Man/woman/child are you off your bloody trolley? Would you prefer to go back to a system where the nurses on the ward served their time and didn’t learn how to do things like try to stop infection, learn what part of the saw and screw and drill bit goes where ?
    Where they served their time like an apprenticeship and therefore became Dragons because that is the way that it was always done? And no-one could actually check whether they were capable of caring for anyone or even reading? (which is why the older ones that are running the places are those that did serve their time in this fashion and have been promoted up and out of the fucking way so that they can do no harm).

    You would as usual be the first one writing to the Irish times, Letters to the editor complaining about the service, about waiting times, about not getting your toenails clipped even though you are a friend of the Matrons and you got your file lifted to the top of the pile, Because there would be no-one there to do the bloody job.

    Bock turn off the anonymous posting please if you would. If ya haven’t the guts to speak with yer nick , then don’t speak at all.

  15. Look, Dickler, I have a policy of usually not replying to these anonymous guys. They tend to be a transient sort of gobshite, so why waste your time with them?

  16. Just doing a couple of numbers here
    The totak nurses wage bill in 2005 including overtime etc was €2.05B
    Now making a few assumptions here
    lets guess that €500m was overtime that means a basic bill of €1.55B
    Now the nurses want an Extra 10% thats €155m bringing the basic wage bill to €1.705B the overtime bill will also increase by 10% to €550 but wait we’re not there yet.
    The working week will decrease by 4hrs or 10.25% we’ll round it down to 10% to make the numbers easier.
    The basic wage bill stays the same but as we need to make up that 10% of time the only logical place that can come from is in overtime. At time and a half this is €1.705B * 10% *1.5 = €255m. now as nurses are already working overtime some of this is going to be a double time so I think it’s reasonable to round this number up to €300m. Now to add this all up again €1.705B (basic) €550m (existing overtime) €300m (new overtime) total = €2.555B an increase of 24.6% in the wage bill.

    Now the number of total nurse ing hours required is not going to go down the nurses are still going to be working the same number of hours as before only they’ll be on 10% more and a greater proportion of their hours will be on time and a half and double time.
    Anyway these numbers are proabbly conservative as the government is quoting 30%
    Oh and that’s not including the cost of all those extra administrators to calculate all the extra overtime.
    Sorry for boring ye.

  17. Well said busy engineer,The nurses are playing a risky game with people lives by being greedy and are being led by a miltant who will be the only real beneficiary at the end of it. Nurses have gone way down in my estimation and I think they have lost the backing of the ordinary person. At the risk of being called chauvinistic I think they are being silly little girls.

  18. I think the nurses striking( working to rule) have paved the way for public support of private hospitals.

  19. Personally I believe that the nursing wage structure looks fair however if they feel so aggreaved with their working conditions then I wouldn’t necessarily object to either a pay increase or a reduction of their working week but not both.
    I think the crux of this problem is the administration side of things. The nurses see clerical workers in the hospitals being paid more than them to do what the nurses view as not being in the same class of work that they do. What should really be done is that the clerical workers should be paid in line with the private sector and maybe 10% more. At the moment they seem to be on 50% more than the private sector but noone wants to say that the solution to the problem is really to bring the clerical side of things in line with what clerical workers are paid in the real world (with no job security) and leave the nurses as is.
    Thats my opinion anyway

  20. I notice alot of gripe about people with lower qualifications earning more money that peole with degress. A degree is only evidence of a certain amont of information has been remembered and re-guritated in an exam. It is not a guarantee that the person will be talanted at their job. I have seen many people with “just a leaving cert” buy and sell a people with degress coming out their ying yang.A degree doesn’t give you a god given right to earn more, Cetainly in the private sector where talent is often rewarded more tham qualification.

  21. Very intelligent. Let’s do away with those pesky old qualifications. Maybe we should let builders’ labourers work as nurses in their spare time. And as neurosurgeons too. Why not? Who needs degrees when you have basic cop on?

    I bet my mechanic could do a heart transplant if he put his mind to it.

  22. Rhebogue Ranter: Where is the evidence for that statementabout the nursing unions’ leaders – or is it just an opinion? If there is evidence to back it up, I’d be interested to see it.

    As for calling them silly little girls, will you be thinking the same way when someone close to you becomes seriously ill and the intensive care unit keeping them alive is operated entirely by the same silly little girls?

    Busy Engineer: Unfortunately, the old attitudes are still alive. Nurses are not skivvies. They are highly-trained expert healthcare professionals and they deserve to be treated as well as any other professional, including equivalent working hours.

    MacDara: A quick clarification for the record. Nurses do not get extra time off after working nights.

  23. Just a note, as far as I know, a student nurse(wears a yellow uniform in irish hospitals), is one who is yet to complete their four year nursing degree. So unless I’m wrong on that it isn’t really fair to compare their pay to other qualified civil service personal.

    Medical students don’t get anything during their clinical traning but then they don’t do as much as student nurses so I guess that’s fair.

    A fully qualified nurse in their first year, (wears blue uniforms) starts of at about 30-31k euro. (though I don’t see the associated grade in your figures)

    Which is the same as an Intern, who is a fully qualified doctor after a 6 year degree and also starts at the same level of pay.

    I believe the current nurses strike is currently unjustified for numerous reasons.

  24. I used only the maximum figures, not the starting salaries. If anything, the comparison would look even worse if I included these figures.

    A student nurse takes on far more responsibility than a beautician or a labourer but starts at roughly 24k. An eighteen-year-old labourer starts at 27k.

    Pay scales for junior doctors in this country are scandalously low, and hours far too long for safety, but that’s a different discussion.

    Just for clarification, you are incorrect in calling the action a strike. It isn’t. It’s a work to rule. Also, you haven’t said why you think it’s unjustified.

  25. In an amazing coincidence, Rhebogue Ranter posted a comment on Squid’s blog that was word-for-word identical to the comment made here by Anonymous 9:16.

    Isn’t that incredible?

  26. What’s going to happen when we can’t afford to pay the outrageous money being awarded to the public sector when this economy collapses, as it surely will? The private sector does not have the public sector’s security of tenure, nor do we have the same pension sweetners but we pay the same taxes. The nurses should live in the real world. The point above about MRSA and the filthy hospitals is also a good one. Let them at least offer some productivity.

  27. I already explained this at Squid’s discussion, but I’ll repeat it here.

    First. Nurses don’t clean hospitals. They never did. That’s a cleaner’s job.

    Hospital management now employ contract cleaners at the lowest possible price. That’s why we have dirty hospitals.

    Second. MRSA was caused by over-prescribing of antibiotics, not by dirty hospitals, and certainly not by nurses.

    I seem to detect a certain level of resentment behind the posts of some people here, and also a kind of old-fashioned anti-women nastiness.

  28. Annonymous 9.16am was my comment from earlier,
    your blog makes it easier/faster to just press publish rather than putting in a name. each time.This leads to more annonymous comments. Limerick blogger remembers your name so you don’t have to type it in each time. You should think about using the same. It would be appreciated by your readers i’m sure and lead to less annonymous comments which you dis-like so much. It’s meant as a constructive critiscism so please don’t go off on one about this being you blog..e.t.c.

    Apologies if my spelling and grammer annoyed you, I was in the middle of a couple of jobs so didn’t have time to correct .

    I never said we should get rid of qualifications, I said qualifications don’t give you a god given right for demanding more money and less hours just because you want more money and less hours. If they don’t like pay and conditions they should change profession. If they all leave which I doubt, they would have to be replaced,
    The market will decide a fair pay as pay will have to rise to attract nurses.

    They should go through the benchmarking forum. I agree nurses play a vital role in society but so do esb workers and bus drivers. Nurses value is to be appreciated but They’re not something to be in awe of.

  29. The nurses under their millitant union leader have gone on work to rule/strike twice within a few years for better pay and conditions when most people in my opinion do not have near as good pay and conditions or security of tenure and pension benefits.

    We have more nurses in ireland per head than any other country in the OECD/western world. Ireland has over 12 nurse per 1000 population, Belgium has 5 nurses per 1000.
    They’re taking the piss

  30. Next time you go to your GP or your lawyer, tell them your theory.

    Explain to them that their qualifications don’t mean they have a God-given right to demand such huge fees.

    I’m certain they’ll see the good sense in it and accept a bus-driver’s wage from you instead.

  31. Maybe if more people did do that the prices wouldn’t be so high.

    They will charge a rate that people will willingly pay.

  32. 1. You can’t call what they’re doing now a strike, In fact you can’t call any nurses strike a strike as they still actually go to work and save lives except THEY DON’T GET PAID FOR IT!!!! They still do the operations/save lives but cover in a rota while going outside to stand in the picket line, and what happens is if the Health boards/HSE hold out long enough then the pay saved actually covers the cost of any raise they might gain.

    2. Just a minor correction in regard to this, the last “Strike” was as a result of them not receiving the increases which had been agreed at Benchmarking. They had in fact been withheld by the HSE to force them to agree to other changes which the HSE wanted to bring outside of the process. So again the nurses/doctors at the rough end of things being blamed by Administrators which all helps to deflect from the fact that the HSE/Former Health boards are nearly two to one administration heavy just like most Local Authorities and other civil service areas…..

    Think about it, Two people paid to watch one person working, if any private company was run like that they’d go to the wall within a week. AH, I forgot, but they have to deal with the public and answer the phones…..

  33. I never said the nurses were skivvies.
    As for professional working hours, when was it decreed that the “Professional” works a 35 hour week.
    The offical working week is 39 hours unless you’ve negotiated a 35 hour week with your employer.

    If I’m shit at my job I’ll be fucked out the door in the morning. If that brickie you mentioned on 27k can’t lay a brick in a straight line he’ll be fired. If a nurse sits on her arse and does nothing all day, she has a job for life. Now 99% of nurses are dedicated to their jobs and their patients but there’s always a few, but nurses have job security. They are not subjected to performace related pay reviews either it’s all about years served. Now this can be a real bone of contention amoung nurses on a ward where there’s someone not pulling their weight.

    Now on to the work to rule.
    I was talking to a siptu nurse at the weekend (not on strike) and she was at her wits end.
    She gave the following example.
    She had a patient that needed to be transferred to a specialist ward She couldn’t ring the ward to see if they were ready to take the patient as with the work to rule INO nurses aren’t using the phone or computer. She walks to the other side of the hospital from Ward A to Ward B and asks the ward are ye ready yet. Ward B nurse says no maybe in half an hour, so our friend the nurse goes back to ward A. Half an hour later again she walks to the other end of the hospital and asks the nurses in ward B are they ready for the patient. Nurses in ward B say no not yet maybe in 30 mins. Our friend then walks back to Ward A. 30 mins later she walks down to ward B from ward A again and asks the nurses there, if they’re ready to take the patient and yippee they are. So the nurse walks back to Ward A gets the porter and starts to move the patient. Now the nurse will have to go with the patient from Ward A to Ward B because if there are any questions over the chart then she’ll need to be there to answer them because of the work to rule the nurses in Ward B can’t ring ward A and ask the any questions. Result of this is that a patient gets transferred successfully and a nurse spends an hour walking the hospital instead of nursing.
    Possible solutions to problems like this would be to employ a secretary on every ward to do all the phoneing. Downside to this is the situation where a nurse asks the secretary to ring another ward and ask a complicated medical question. The secretary rings the other secretary who asks the nurse in the other ward. Result is Chineese whispers with 2 non medically trained people relaying medical questions. Possible other solution is roller skates to speed Nurse transit times between wards.
    Of course another solution would be that nurses could be given a 4 hour a week using the phone allowance and a 10% payrise for training on use of said phone.
    It’s the junior nurses I feel sorry for if this cut in working week goes ahead.
    We’ll still have the same number of nurses to do the work and the same number of nursing hours to be worked. Take for example a ward with 10 nurses. There’s a total of 390 nursing hours done in a week to keep that ward running (probably more but this is just an example).
    Under the new 35hour week we’ll have 35 *10 = 350 nurse hours in the week so we have a shorfall of 40 hours a week in the ward. we can’t get anymore nurses as there aren’t any. (It’ll be at least 5 to 10 years before a sufficeint number of extras are trained)
    Now this 40 hours will have to come from somewhere so it’ll come in overtime. For example we will have 4 of the more senior nurses saying I’m only supposed to work a 35 hour week and that all I’m going to do. This leaves the other 6 nurses to pick up the overtime. So instead of these nurses working 39 hours like they did before they are now working 41 2/3 hours. These are ideal figures if we factor in the fact that nurses are already working overtime then the hours worked by junior nurses starts to look like junior doctors hours. Of course if eveyone refused to work the overtime then there’d be a huge gap in care in hospitals and people would die.

    Now I say give the nurses their 10%.
    Train more nurses to lighten the load.
    Revisit the 35hour week in a couple of years.

  34. BE:

    Nobody quoted you saying anything.

    The Health Service administrative “professionals” work a 35-hour week.

    The issue is not parity with your job. It’s equal treatment within the health service. You can fight the efficiency battle another time but right now it’s a red herring and irrelevant.

    The work to rule regarding use of the phone concerns clerical matters, not clinical, and therefore your friend was either yanking your chain or badly misinformed or both. Either way, it’s nonsense.

    The problem of nurse numbers belongs to the government, not the INO. Successive governments have dodged this problem by emotionally blackmailing nurses. That day is now gone and it’s time for government to face up to its responsibilities.

  35. Sorry to keep going on about this.
    But what constitutes a clerical and what consitutes a clinical matter on the phone. Is the organising of transfer of a patient a clerical or a clinical matter.
    The decision to transfer a patient and where they should go is clearly a clinical decision but the organisation of the timing of the transfer is a clerical one. Butthen again in situations like this it can be subjective which is always a big problem with work to rules. How can you tell if it’s a clerical or a clinical matter while the phone is on the desk ringing away.

    I agree that it’s time the government faced up to the whole situation but throwing more and more money at the nurses is not the answer as this cuts in to money that can be spent elsewhere i.e. training new nurses. 1800 new nurses a year is probably not enough with an aging population and (I’m not neing sexist here it’s just the way it is) the fact that 90% of nurses are women you need to account for the number of nurses that take time off to have and rear children who then come back into the system. So 1800 new nurses a year isn’t going to cut it.

    I’ve alluded to this before but bringing the nurse up to parity with clerical staff is ridiculous aswell. The clerical staff should be paid a realistic wage not this over inflated civil servise rubbish and they should fuck half of them out on their arses. Twice as many clerical staf fin hospitals as nurses is a joke.

    This next point goes for the civil service as a whole. The very generous civil service pensions should be fully costed and laid out there as to how much in Euros it’s worth to the civil servents. In all civil service pay claims benchmarking etc this continues to not make the news. It should be pointed out to the whole bloody lot of them how much they would need to contribute to a private pension in order to achieve a pension on the same level as a civil service one.
    They’re charging the rest of us benifit in kind on everything why not just show everyone how much a civil service pension is worth.

  36. The nurse will scweam and sceam until they get their way..
    Lets pay them 1 million a year for an 8 hour week. They’re nurses afterall. Hell , lets pay evrybody 1 million a year.Even the nurses aid that does most of the manual work that nurses won’t do.

  37. Irish nurses are the most coveted of all foriegn nurses in America. I get payed over $52 US dollars an hour in a 36hr work week in a lovely Los Angeles hospital with such an acute shortage we are importing RN’s from the Philippines. We would much rather have you Irish folk. Immigration for RN’s to America is seamless, more so than any other profession. You will live like upper class here and your supervisors will bow down to your needs. Please come to California to work.

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