Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

OK. I can’t help it. Sorry. I just can’t help saying all this because the time is right and there’s an election coming up and it has to be said.

I know – all right? I know I’m repeating myself. I know I said all this yesterday, but there’s an election coming up, which is a thing we don’t see every day. In fact, if the government had their way, you wouldn’t see one at all.

Let’s get it absolutely clear.

This government gave €1.2 billion to the religious orders because Bertie used to work in the Mater hospital and they have some hold on him. They paid one thousand two hundred million euros of your money to cover the claims against the rapist clergy, instead of making them sell their extensive land banks.


Because the nuns have some hold over Bertie.

This government decided to locate the new national Children’s Hospital in the Mater because Bertie used to work there, and they have some hold on him. They put it in the wrong place for the sick children and their families, but that doesn’t matter when the nuns have you by the bollocks.


Because the nuns have some hold over Bertie.

This government gave National Toll Roads (Roadstone) a gigantic pile of money for the bridge that they used to rob Irish people on the M50 for 20 years because National Toll Roads are buddies of this government.


Because Roadstone have some hold over Bertie.

This government failed to tax second and third homes, because it would inconvenience their builder pals, allowing the property market to inflate to such an extent that our children will never afford a house.


Because the builders have some hold over Bertie.

This government handed a national resource free to Shell Oil because the crook Ray Burke was in charge of the deal. Ray Burke, the convicted fraud, handled the transfer of our national wealth to Shell and nobody is asking what’s going on. There are 200 police in Rossport beating the local teachers, farmers and and lifeboat crew off the roads because Ray Burke, the crook, gave our national resources free to a company that has killed many people across the world. Free! This crook! This fraud!! This gangster in charge of giving away what belongs to you and me!!!


Because Big Oil has some hold over . . .

ah, work it out for yourself. I hope you’re angry.

8 thoughts on “Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

  1. 1.2 billion euros of public money to defend priests accused of all kinds of heinousness? Bloody hell, you Irishers have got to get rid of that Ahern criminal. That’s really shocking. What in hell is the state doing giving any money to the church?

  2. Can’t wait for the Bertie commision in 2047, which will finally expose the rotten little cnut, unfortunately just too late to get him…

  3. Righteous indignation must lead to righteous action (legal, of course…) –

    Otherwise, it just makes you feel good (in an angry sort of way).

  4. bock,
    I know I’m coming late to the table but you forgot to say that bertie ahearn was a pimp and that anyone who wants to fuck everybody else needs a pimp, preferably a cheap one and nobody, but nobody came cheaper than bertie ahearn.

  5. When we are angry with someone we give them power over us but…….. that’s what the Buddhists said so I got all powerful on them and beat the shite out of the bastards………for not allowing me to be angry…… but they have a point. ……..we might as well give up on ever getting any of the sleeveens in our cunt-ry to get some pay back ….so maybe let’s plot something sneaky like changing things, working towards a fair society or at least trying by doing what’s right and not feeding from the trough……and pointing at those that do…..and hopefully getting into a position sometime to give Bertie, Pee Flynn and one or two others a right kick in the bollix and a good hidin’ and then…..fu….seethe, foam, gag…….

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