Bertie Ahern: Please Quit Now

Do you know something?

It’s true.

In spite of all I’ve said about Bertie Ahern, the fact remains that he was the one who finally delivered the agreement on the North. He was the one who established a personal chemistry with Tony Blair (though God knows how) and in the end he was the one who shook hands with Paisley.

Therefore, if he delivered the unthinkable, shouldn’t his private affairs – however questionable – be out of bounds?

After a deep breath, I’m forced to answer YES.

He should be a national hero. He should be left alone, considering the huge service he has done us, no matter what sort of crookery he’s been involved in.

However, a second question follows on the heels of the first. If he decides to run for office a second time, should we be asking him hard questions?

Answer: sorry Bertie, but Yes.

Why not retire while you’re ahead?

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10 thoughts on “Bertie Ahern: Please Quit Now

  1. This is a brave thing you you to say Bock, but I go along with it myself.

    I’m all for honesty, integrity, accountability and all that stuff from my politicians – but tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of any currency seems a rather cheap price in the end for a politician to play his or her role constructively in squaring the circle that is Irish national politics.

    This is am amazing day.

  2. It would be the cherry on top if he did resign today (or yesterday now).
    Talk about going out on a high note if he did.

    For once it was good news that stayed with me the whole day.

    So how much did you pay for the doors Ted?
    Cowboys Ted! Nuthin’ but a buncha cowboys!!

  3. He should resign, but he won’t, he has no shame and a neck of pure brass. Anonymous over at mine has just explained to me that it is wrong of me to mistrust Bertie because his private affairs are separate from his public life…… Do people actually believe that? Jesus, please don’t let us have another 5 years of this bs.

  4. Just stumbled on your excellent blog via the Bhutto assassination and trying to find a way to protest to the Irish Times about y’day’s ghastly front page pic of Bertie and his daughter’s twin sprogs. Puke.
    Just to clarify one matter: the king of Bertieland did NOT deliver peace in the North. That happened because everyone up there was shattered, including the gunmen; they were looking for a way out and it was Albert Reynolds and earlier politicos who paved the way. Yes, Bertie signed the agreement but as usual he was benefiting from circumstances; he was the right man in the right place. Story of his life.

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