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Bock’s Dogs

I must be a very bad man.

My two dogs have no discipline whatever, and it’s all my fault. I didn’t train them when they were pups and now they’re just insolent lazy bastards who take what I give them and expect to be handed everything on a plate.

In addition to that, they’re aggressive towards other dogs, and towards some people.

They lie around all day doing nothing, and they shit right in front of their kennel – their home!

I am a one-man welfare state, and this is what I have caused.

Knacker dogs.

It’s just as well I’m not a government.

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buy this. worked wonders for our dog – she had taken a fierce liking to the bannisters on the stairs ! we even sprayed them with paprika to stop her – and now she loves paprika ! :shock:

You know that dog’s eventually take on the characteristics of their owner Bock. I have noticed that both Satan and Dermot have taken to lolling around as you say, looking dangerous, smiling and growling at the same time – difficult to manage but they have learned the technique from the master. maybe you should put some Wild Turkey in their biscuits to complete the transformation. new look site is cool, congrats. BTW some blowout at the “Liverfest” last weekend. QJS

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