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Cell Phones

Do you know what a cell phone is? No. It’s not an American mobile phone.

It’s what the drug-dealing murdering scumbags in our jails use to run their operations while they’re locked up. And what they occasionally use to call in to radio phone-ins as happened yesterday when one particularly vicious retard phoned Liveline. He called to threaten another swaggering retard, who had also phoned Liveline, incredibly.

There’s mayhem over the whole incident. Our Minister for Justice is apoplectic with rage. He wants an inquiry to find out how the scumbag in jail got the phone. I have news for him. Somebody brought it in in pieces shoved up their arse, the same way all the heroin gets into our jails.

Instead of worrying about how the scumbag got his phone, why doesn’t the Minister jam all phone signals in our prisons, and make the question irrelevant? And while he’s at it, why doesn’t he start building a reliable, professional police force that can take on those scumbags who happen to be out of jail? By professional, I mean, of course, a police force that isn’t obsessed with building and renting houses, eating free doughnuts, harassing law-abiding citizens, raiding pubs for after-hours drinking, framing innocent suspects and hiding from confrontation with genuine criminals.

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Blocking the phone signal is the answer, the question is are they so thick in the Dept. of Justice that they have not done so already?
The technology is hardly new.

Have you considered the drop in profits for companies like Voda if that were to happen. Criminals are one of their most lucrative customers and they NEVER ring customer care.

strong views Bok. Count yourself lucky they haven’t managed to fit a laptop up their jacksies yet!

wouldn’t blocking the signals interfere with the prisons own communications?

No one in the prison area could then receive a phone call or make one unless by landline. Might be bad in an emergency.

I’m just wondering here. I’m not defending MOJ. Radios would work I suppose. I sure its a matter of what inconveniences the staff less and not whats better for security.

Signal jamming is something that can be selective, you can jam a cell block, a room or an entire building.
UHF, VHF, short burst technology, alarm buttons are all available and have been for a while, it is a joke that the State provides office space and free lodgings for Criminals to conduct their business.

You are right citizen bock…it is an outrage that this thing can still happen…



It is true that the gards do sometimes go missing when there is a serious flap on.

While listing on my Bat scanner I have often heard the poor old cop
in the station calling for ages to the poor old hard working cops on the beat or the ones driving around
In their copmobiles, to no avail.

It seems to Robin and myself that the response time depends on the location and seriousness of the crime!

Whatever happened to the old-fashioned decent crime fighters ?


Scumbags beware ….Batman is watching you !.

Limerick City Batman.

Tim’s spot on.Jamming signals can be highly selective and need not interfere with police/emerg.comms.

Then again a few grams of Semtex in the phone might be more cost effective.

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