Chelsea beat Manchester United

Did you watch that? The FA Cup, no less. Between the two greatest teams in England. Chelsea and Manchester United. No less.

The very best.

Wasn’t that the greatest load of horse-shit you ever had to sit through? I fell asleep 120 times during the match. In fact, it got so bad that in the end I had to rig up an extremely painful and highly dangerous automatic electric-shock waking device. And I still fell asleep.

What a load of shite.

I hope tomorrow’s Heineken Cup final isn’t as boring , but of course, you already know the answer to that: it won’t be.

It’s rugby!.

7 thoughts on “Chelsea beat Manchester United

  1. Those players just looked like they didn’t care… They need some kind of reward scheme to get those sycophants to show a bit of life in the FA Cup, i dunno, offer Rio a Bentley made out of Diamonds, or Christiano a vat of horse shit to rub in his head. Or rooney a night at the bingo hall

    Stark contrast to the Carling Cup final where the young lads of Arsenal played their socks off and Chelsea reacted like wise.

  2. Roosta: They played like a crowd of bored millionaires.

    HZC: What?

    Ellie: Thighs matter?

    Badgerdaddy: Good goal. Not a great goal, in my opinion. A classic poacher’s goal.

  3. It was the ball back from Lampard that impressed me the most. He changes his body shape so quickly to cushion and release the ball in one, it’s quite a pass.

    You may be right about the goal not being great; surrounded by the rest of the match, it may have looked better than it was…

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