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Even this early in the day, it looks as though the people have voted for another four years of being robbed blind and taken for fools.  Bless them.

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Well, those of us who voted for change can hold our heads up high and continue to complain about the state of everything. Those who voted for more of the same can keep their mouths shut, “you made your bed” and all that!!!

Is this the twilight zone, I feel like that ever turning woman on the roulette table in tales of the bloody unexpected.

Don’t you mean “The Berties’s Back in Town” as Willie Wod’s poster said? This story is as old as the cantons and it’s as depressing as it is disgusting. So, we deserve to drink pooh-water in Ennis and Galway, we deserve tail-backs on each and every one of our main roads at rush hour, we gag for drive-by shootings in Defunct Dowell McMichael’s war on crime, we yearn for e-voting machines that don’t work (but if they did work these scheisters would win every election for ever, talk about a lose-lose situation) and, apparently, there is nothing more satisfying than some smug ssia enriched society brandishing cash while knowing that it will only last until it is spent. Just to see those pawns hoisting their “heros” on their shoulders in jubilation at the local lad well done is enough to make me want to bring up all my dinner. I got two polling cards, would it have made a difference if I’d voted twice (I didn’t)? Who cares? Blubber-lips in finance or former enóirmiste in health will win while Martin Cullen (no need to play with his name, it’s eponymous with other words) will win Waterford every slimey time. I’ll vote again in the next election for, but my faith in democracy is in free-fall. We deserve everything we get for the next four-five years.

Why is your faith in democracy in free fall? Because the majority of people didn’t believe what you believed?

It mightnt be to you or I’s liking, but it doesn’t damage my faith in democracy. People had a choice, went and voted.

hey,at least the PD’s are dead!

Am I on drugs… the pee dees down to 2??? Not in my wildest delirious imaginings! Max 5 I thought.

Mairéad: Like I said already, if you thought things were bad, wait till you see the feeding frenzy that will happen now. There’s gonna be a lot of snouts in our trough.

Roosta: Yeah. You’re right. It is democracy and the people have spoken. Well, let nobody complain when they see the corruption and feather-bedding that happens over the next five years.

Maz: I don’t know about holding our heads up. Watch what these fuckers do. I’m telling you now, they feel invulnerable.

a Khit Bán: It’s Groundhog Day

Brian: Bertie never left town, the slithery little crook.

a Chnuimh: I feel your pain.

Manuel: Throw up?

Dick: Very perceptive of you.

Sassy: True. Very true. However, we still ended up with a troop of monkeys.

Conan: PDs down to two, but that won’t make any difference to the coming national asset-strip.

Why is everyone so surprised? The Bertie gang is obviously better than the Enda gang, and now that he has got rid of McDowell he is laughing all the way to the Dáil. When the alternatives don´t exist how can you elect them?

Roosta, you’re right. the People’s choice is the people’s choice and, no, I don’t like it but I soert of have to lump it. The fact that there wasn’t much choice in the first place is closer to the kernal of my gripe: my faith in democracy to provide a solution is well shot: I think Manuel is right, the election was more a choice between different qualities of filth and, what do you know? Filth won. I’m still quite annoyed!

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