Light and Darkness

Today, in Ireland, we have both light and darkness in equal measure.


So this is where it ended.

Today, in scenes none of us ever thought we’d live to see, the two most hard-line and intransigent parties in the North came together as equals .

Ian Paisley – Unionist firebrand, bigot, Protestant supremacist – joined cordially with Martin McGuinness – Nationalist firebrand, ideologue, former head of the IRA – and together they undertook to form a government for the peace and prosperity of their children and their grandchildren, in mutual respect.

At long last. Finally they all got sense, and now the war is over. The thing that blighted our island for generations is finished and no more innocent people will be murdered in the name of some spurious ideology.

Every decent person should celebrate.


So this is where we’ve ended up.

A 17-year-old girl in the care of the Health Service is four months pregnant with an anencephalic child. Anencephaly is an appalling condition in which the child in the womb develops with no brain and such children are alive only in the sense that their heart is beating. They are usually stillborn.

This poor girl is waiting for a court to decide if she can terminate this pregnancy, or if our State will force her to go through with another five months of pregnancy knowing that she carries a brain-dead child which will be stillborn.

Why? Because of our much-celebrated constitutional provision vindicating the right to life of the unborn. Forced into the Constitution in a series of hugely damaging national convulsions by our Catholic Taliban back in the eighties.

And this is where our Christianity has led us to:  a poor, frightened 17-year-old waiting to find out if she must carry a poor anencephalic baby to full term in order that it might be delivered dead.

Why? To satisfy a mad Catholic ideology – and we have the nerve to call the Northerners backward.

Every decent person should weep.

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3 thoughts on “Light and Darkness

  1. I say, Mr Bock, I’m not sure I like this new-fangled interface. Especially the row of cretinous emoticons inhibiting one’s reply. Next thing you know, your correspondents will be saying *LOL* and the like.

    Irish Peace Process: the terrorists have won, as always. Ulster will belong to the south before much longer.

    Catholic Taliban: we got rid of the buggers in the 16th century, only to replace them in 1997 with the PC Taliban.

  2. It is quite the day for Ireland. I’m celebrating here.

    As far as the darkness goes, that’s just shameful. If our courts have their way, we’ll be in the same boat soon enough.

    I’m afraid of emoticons, so I’m not going to use one. Otherwise, I like the new site.

  3. Mr Warmington: The first person to say LOL will be killed by me or one of my agents. And the emoticons are now gone. Thank you for the advice.

    Sassy: The fight goes on.

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