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I’m so distraught at the thought of Ireland coming last in the Eurovision Song Contest that I’m unable to see my keyboard through the tears.

Instead, I’ve asked one of my associates to say a few words. This is Zeljko’s view on it.


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At long last, Glorious Serbian Peoples is march to victory on evil enemy.

Ever since despicable Field of Blackbeards massacre in 1389, Serbian Peoples is carry great and righteous anger for oppressings to Tragic Serbian Peoples.

In five hundred years — 500!! — Misunderstood Serbian Peoples is celebrate great defeat and oppressings under evil Ottoman jackboot.

princip Only hope in many years is come in 1914 when Great Hero of Sorrowful Serbian People,Gavrilo Princip, jump out of café  in Sarajevo and execute Archduke Franz Ferdinand — Bang! Bang! — to plunge Europe into Great War. He not finish sandwich.

Is great moment for Fearless Serbian Peoples.

194px-Milosevic-1Is other Great Moment come for Glorious Serbian Peoples in 1989 when historic leader Slobodan Milosevic (what’s first name mean Freedom) assure Oppressed Serbian Peoples in Field of Blackbeards (or as we say Kosovo Polje, what really not mean field but nevers mind). Slobo tell them how nobody never beat them no more again and specially not evil policemens.

180px-Evstafiev-ratko-mladic-1993-w180px-Evstafiev-Radovan Karadzic 3MAR94Is other great moments for Serbian Peoples, when evil smelly Franjo Tudjman take disgusting Catholic Croatia out of Heroic Yugoslav Federation and make possible Glorious Mass Killing of filthy smelly Muslims Peoples in Bosnia i Herzegovina by Poetic Proxy Leader Karadjic and Fearless Soldier Mladic. Also by Heroic militia leader and great sporting persons, Arkan, the Lord rest his soul. Is martyr.

Is wonderful.

All, of course, lead to Treacherous Destroying of Serbia from Bill Clinton (filthy cigar-inhaler) Air Bombing and excluding from all things but is normal for Tragic Serbian Peoples Who is Always Right. And so is good and bring even more oppressing and miserable for Serbian Peoples as History say always happen. But is good too and Sorrowful Serbian Peoples make more celebration on it.

What wonderful wisdom Great Leader Milosevic show Glorious Serbian Peoples in giving own life for cause!

What genius to make such Plan: make many new country and all vote for song of Beloved Stare Jugoslavije!

What Prophet is such man who say:

I must break up Glorious Yugoslav Federation, even make great painings for Glorious Yugoslav Peoples and maybe perhaps many killing too. Who knows — perhaps even becoming billionaire in process but is not importants.

I make sacrifice because in end will lead to Great Srpska glorious victory in despicable bourgeois Eurovision Songs Contesting!!

Aaahh. How true. What great day for Glorious Serbian Peoples!

Poor Slobodan, is pity he not live to see Musical Serbian Peoples take prize for Best Song in Greatest-in-World Transvestite-Klingon Singing-Writing Competition.

Is all worth massacre in end – no?


A small price to paying for win Glorious Eurovision Sing Contesting.

Is New Serbia!


Many thanks to Zeljko for that.

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    Is good yes? See ranting dervishes coming in last yes???


    Congratulations on signing up Borat to do a bit of writing for you.


    smashing article, luckily i wasn’t drinking coffee while reading it, would have spit it, involuntarily, over the interface, unexpected burst of laughter etc, what a waste of everytone’s time the euro blip is when we could have gone out and watched the weather change or something


    I’d always thought Slobodan meant Drooly and Milosecic meant Utter Bastard. Drooly Utter Bastard.


    There are times when I am very glad I live in the US. Ya’ know like when Eurovision dominates the TV airwaves.


    ditto what brianf said.


    Zucchini: Yes. Ireland is coming lastly and is deserve so for submit shit song oj John Waters (who is depress on account he not shag Sinead O Connor this days no more).

    Tim: Is not Borat. Is associate of Mr Bock.

    Frank: You are good man. I salute you.

    Sam: What is drooly please?

    Brian: Is funny show once in year and we all make laugh at funny country. Not laugh at Serbia of course. Is forbidden.

    Savannah: What is ditto?


    Welcome Back Bock,

    A very short time after we saw those pictures of the emaciated men at the wire I was on the bicycle in Romania and struggling.

    I had quite the fight with myself as I then decided to turn right and cycle into Serbia. Hated by the world and knowing it they didn’t like me in their country, and things didn’t get much better for me until I reached the south and Kosovo.

    Strange to be a tourist in times of genocide. I must say though, they and their FYR Macedonian neighbours were all very familiar with Johnny Logan.


    Eolai: Don’t get me started. My associate and I are not at one on this matter.


    If North Korea play their cards and their lyre’s right they could be the next
    lucky winner’s .

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