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I’m not going to say much about this, and I’m certainly not going to join in that new and ugly trend: condemnation of the parents.

I’m horrified by the smug and superior tone some bloggers are taking. It’s easy to talk and it’s easy to condemn, as if any of us has that right, but these poor people are going through torture right now and I don’t like the way fingers are being pointed at them. Yes. They were wrong to leave the children, but by Jesus they’re suffering for it now.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the right. Sometimes in this life, the time when you’re right is the very time you should keep your mouth shut.

As for Sky News: what sort of vultures are they? I don’t know if this man, Robert Murat, had anything to do with the child or not, but he’s now a household name, even though he hasn’t been charged with anything. There must be more Sky reporters in the Algarve than tourists, and every one of them is snuffling around in the street outside Robert Murat’s house. And they have broadcast every last detail of his life to the whole world.

I’m not saying he’s innocent. I don’t know, and neither do Sky News, but I repeat: he has been charged with nothing. The Portuguese police have named him as a suspect and that’s all. A policeman’s suspicion is nothing more than that: speculation.

In a civilised society, people are not convicted on the basis of suspicion. In a civilised society, people are not convicted on the basis of innuendo. Yet this is exactly what Sky News are trying to do, the lazy, incompetent hacks.

I’m not saying this to protect a criminal. I’m saying this in defence of you and me, the next time somebody decides to fling an unproven allegation at one of us. Otherwise, we’re back to the Star Chamber.

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6 thoughts on “Sky News Pigs

  1. I agree. I’m sick to my stomach with the way Sky News are treating this. I’ve resolved now to get only one update a day — from somewhere else. Their ‘coverage’ is contemptible.
    Personally, I also find the patronising and critical attitude to the Portuguese police amazing. They’ve made it 100% clear that they are constrained by Portuguese law, but the British media (Sky in particular) are still complaining, because they’re not getting enough “news” from them.
    Which one assumes is why they’re creating it themselves – e.g. Robert Murat.

  2. Now,
    Minds you all,

    There are NONE of us that haven’t run in to that shop for a second and left the kids in the car, or haven’t stayed farther away than 100m from the kids, while at a wedding in a hotel or somewhere similar, keeping an ear every half hour or so while they slept, absolutely none.

    The only reason that this guy was even interviewed in the first place, it seems, is because another newspaper journalist insists she was “Concerned” about some of the things that he did and said, like “The child is probably in spain now” and things of that ilk, then she contacted the police to get them to question him.
    Bloody hell assuming that he is innocent “As we must until proven otherwise” then he will forever regret ever having offered his services as an interpreter to the Portuguese police and to the Poor family.

    Anyway everyone should go have a look at this photo here and possibly this one as well, Just in case she is being held next door to you.

    (Note: You have have to register, if you haven’t already done so for this newspaper site, there is a way around it but for the life of me I can’t remember the link)

    God help all the innocents involved, God Help the family, and let me say this…. if I ever got my hands on the bastard(s) or bitch(es) involved in the kidnapping, all that will be left is the equivalent of pedigree chum for Dermot and Satan to dispose of.

    They would be fed for an hour at least.

  3. Sky is linked with Fox news.what do you expect.
    Take a look at Fox news some time and see where
    Sky is going to.
    The race to the bottom has started .

  4. I don’t know… I agree on the whole Murat thing, but I also stand by my divine right to write first and think later.

    Yes, they’re going through hell. But in a place with apparently ample childcare, even int he evening so parents can go out, it’s a hell that could very easily have been avoided. That’s what gets on my tits about it.

    That, and them saying they checked every 30 minutes… When the last time the kid was seen was 9pm, then discovered missing (is that possible??) at 10pm.

    Right on my tits.

    Can’t believe the treatment this bloke is getting though, even down to his mother’s name being all over the news this morning. Fucking Sky. And the rest.

  5. As long as the kid is missing and theres no suspect or culprit to hate, it might as well be the parents…………Face it, if they’d aprehended the kidnappers immediately, the condemnation of the parents would be an afterthought………

    You echo something I’ve said more than once Bock. It takes someone of appallingly poor imagination not to be able to put themselves in the shoes of the parents and understand that they are probably in the process of torturing themselves over this. they don’t need the blog community and the newspaper opinion collumns rubbing it in.

    Opinions are like arseholes, everybody’s got one.

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