The Friends of Bertie Ahern

I thought it would be good to give the political ranting a break, just for tonight, and I was actually going to tell you a joke instead of venting and cursing and posturing and projectile vomiting.

But no.

Bertenstein just won’t go away, will he?

What sort of bollocks is he talking now? What sort of shit is this about the latest bundle of money? Does he think we’re all completely stupid?

Well, come to think of it, maybe we are all completely stupid, having re-elected this crowd of corrupt, inept gobshites over and over again, despite all the revelations about their crookedness and their incompetence. We deserve them.

The latest horse-shit has me in a knot though. No – seriously, I mean my brain is knotted up trying to figure it all out. In fact, I got so knotted up that I had to do one of my simplified chronologies to fit it into my rather inflexible brain.

This is more a stream of consciousness than a posting tonight, so feel free to drift away any time it starts to get on your nerves.

Here’s what I have so far, but maybe some of the People will help to fill in the gaps or correct whatever I got wrong. A sort of Bocollaboration. I’ve converted all the amounts from Britpounds and old Irish punts to Euros for simplicity).

1993 Bertie, Minister for Finance, gets £28,000 from his friends, who are:

Paddy Reilly, Des Richardson, Padraic O’Connor, Jim Nugent, David McKenna, Fintan Gunne, Mick Collins and Charlie Chawke

For clarification, I bought a house around the same time. I took out a mortgage for 20 years. It was for about £28,000. It was very expensive. This was not small money. Just to keep things in context, this was the kind of cash that most people were borrowing to buy their entire house.

Yet, Bertie knew people who could just hand it over to him.

Me: 20 years working to pay for it.

Bertie: There ya go. No problem.

What the fuck???

1993 Bertie, Minister for Finance had saved €50,000 in cash, despite ruinous marital separation. As his bank account was in joint names, he kept all the money in cash. It isn’t clear why he couldn’t just open an account in his own name.

1994 Bertie, Minister for Finance gets €20,000 from his friends, who are:

Joe Burke, Dermot Carew, Barry English and Paddy Reilly

Of these gifts, €25,000 went to his daughters’ education according to Bertie, leaving a balance of €23,000.

1994 Bertie, Minister for Finance, attends a function in Manchester attended by businessmen and engages in a spontaneous question and answer session. The businessmen spontaneously collect €8,000 for him because they know he’s having a messy separation from his wife. Mick Wall, a millionaire businessman, is present but doesn’t attend the function. He’s only a bus-driver (a millionaire bus-driver) and he waits outside.

1994 According to his police driver, Bertie, Minister for Finance, travels to Manchester with a suitcase full of cash.

1994 Bertie rents house from Mick Wall, millionaire bus-driver. House value is €190,000. Monthly rent €600. Cost of house to Mick Wall at prevailing interest rates, about €2,000 per month.

Dec 1994 Mick Wall, millionaire bus-driver, gives €40,000 in cash to Celia Ahern, Bertie’s partner at the time. (Obviously, this has nothing to do with the money Bertie is alleged to have taken to Manchester earlier in the year.)

Bertie explains this week: Any money that Ms Larkin received was a stamp duty issue and it was towards refurbishing the house

Tenants are not liable for stamp duty and €40,000 seems like a lot of money to refurbish a brand new house.

1995 Mick Wall changes his will, leaving the house to Bertie, Minister for Finance.

1994 – 1997 Bertie and Celia live in the house, paying about a third of what it would cost for a mortgage. The rent they pay in the three years is about half of the €40,000 Mick Wall is said to have spent on the refurbishment. Obviously, Mick didn’t get a great return on his investment.

1997 Bertie buys the house for €220,000. Not a bad deal for a Dublin house in that location. Not bad at all.

Bertie sees nothing wrong with a Minister for Finance receiving such gifts and favours, even when the people giving money have extensive property interests, and might benefit significantly from certain tweaking of various Finance Acts. Something a Minister for Finance might be in a position to do, in the National Interest.

Take, for instance, Des Richardson, one of Bertie’s generous friends in 1993. Richardson’s company, Berraway, had what was termed a “strategic consultancy” with Rohan Holdings, who paid the company €1.08 million in fees between 1996 and 2000. Now, it just so happens, purely by coincidence, that Bertie introduced a tax break in 1994 which, astonishingly, had only one beneficiary: Rohan Holdings. As a result of the tax break, Rohan immediately saved €2 million in tax, and a further €200,000 every year from then on. But of course, this is purely coincidence.

Am I just plain stupid here?

What do you think?


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17 thoughts on “The Friends of Bertie Ahern

  1. Yes, he thinks we’re all a pack of thicks, and we are if we vote his shower in AGAIN. I did a quick poll at work today – 10 people – all said they will vote anti-Gov. I wonder will they?

  2. I’m sure that there’s a reasonable answer which he’ll tell the people all about as soon as hell freezes over. In the meantime I feel one of those tearful close-up, God help us I’m-just-a-daycint-norside-lad interviews coming on.

  3. Irish people are sheep being handled buy these political gangsters…
    Yhe only problem is there is NO Party out there worth voting for they all say different things but at the end of the day they are all the same…
    Not worth a fuck…..

    Give me a new way of goverment now please!

    Whats the answer?

    Start again from scratch get rid of all the old school wankers and all the partys,

    Find a honest guy to head the country…and hire the smartest heads money can buy and run this place like a company, with openness to the people.
    and ship all the lowlife scumbags to a consentration camp in the bowels of connamara.. no more p.c.if you are a criminal you get 2 strikes and third strike you are out, you are not entitled to any human rights nothing.
    Pity we dont have salt mines here!

    Sorry for that!

    getting back to the politics ..

    Most politicians are in this not to help their fellow man but to help themselves …


  4. Dead right anon, halve the number of TD’s and only allow new faces because the bunch there, whether government or opposition are incapable of acting as legislators. To make up the numbers make the mayors, chairmen of UDC’s and the city and county managers members of the Dail. Let the voted legislators formulate legislation and let the rest filter up the feelings and needs of the general public, and make them responsible for their actions and decisions as the rest of us are in our places of employment.

  5. Well lets just have a dictatorship while we are at it ? Seriously its not easy being a politician but whats worse is that its not easy getting elected. We vote and we get what we vote for? If you dont like those standing stand yourself or go out and work for someone you do like? Democracy takes work it does not just happen.

  6. I think those who stand for election are mostly power-greedy and money-greedy and rarely have the interests of a country at heart. Whereas those (idealists) who would like to bring about real change are (on the whole) not power-greedy money-greedy people. So instead of standing for election, they go off and work quietly for some NGO or charity. Just my 2 cents. And over-simplified for brevity. It’s the major flaw in what is otherwise about the best system we can find so far – democracy.

    Needless to say, there are power-greedy posturing fame-seekers involved in philanthropy and charity work too — cf Bono.

  7. i believe paddy power is giving 8/11 on for betie to be re-elected as taoiseach

  8. democracy ? ..I suppose you could call it that!

    I suppose you could call this government a democratic dictatorship,
    cause these guys will do anything they want to do and NOTHING can be done about it….
    They bring in stupid laws, pass stupid bills and we can really do nothing about it!
    These guys are above the law!

    the Irish People blindly vote the same as their father did, and as their grandfather did …as soon as you can sort this out you might sort out something good…
    Telling people to stop bitching and stand themselves is rubbish because of the above….

    They say power corrupts…. NO the politicians or wanna be politicians are corrupt before they even start …that’s the reason they want to be in government…

    People power is bollox ….look at the demo in dub about american stop overs at Shannon!!!!

    Last night I watched some tool on rte tell the young guy who asked the question about Shannon that it was all about jobs in the Shannon region..
    If I lived in Shannon I would rather be on the dole than support what the USA are doing….

    Have you ever been to Shannon ?..
    I was there a few weeks back and was in the town centre there, surrounded by polish, latvian, african people etc all talking in their native tongue ( its like being on holiday in a foreign land) and the wife said would it be great to be able to speak a foreign language…I said …we do… English!….

    sorry i digress….

    These cunts..sorry politicians are laughing their arses off at the Irish sheep who in turn smile and bow and scrape and treat these wankers with such reverence it just makes me sick,

  9. MacDara, I am not advocating a dictatorship, but I am a shareholder in Ireland Ltd, I want to see it prosper, in my opinion the vast majority of our countries elected officials do not have the qualification or capacity in some cases to run Ireland Ltd. My idea of reducing the number of TD’s would bring it in line with other countries eg: UK one MP for 92,879 people, IRL one TD for 25,541 (and better paid). The primary function of the Dail is to legislate, therefore it should be made up of legislators. The Mayors and Chair persons of city and town councils and UDC’s along with the city or county managers could also attend as members of parliament and let them bring local issues to the national stage. Our elected officials only seem interested in issues and take stances that suit their ambitions. Wheres the democracy in that? I wont run, I am not a political animal. I do my own bit in sporting clubs etc, thats also important work and benefits the country no end and is provided free of charge by volunteers throughout the country. In conclusion I dont have all the answers, I just made a suggestion. While the country needs change I can see an alternative Government spending the next five years sitting on their hands blaming the previous Government for all its woes.

  10. Pingback: Bock The Robber
  11. We dont like to admit it in Ireland ………… but … we’re no better than a banana republic ………… we claim to be a Catholic country and to have morals …. but the truth is … we’ll do business with anyone ( China ) and put up with all sorts of coruption …….. for money !

  12. care to mention owen o’callaghan in there? liffey valley tax designation for one!

  13. will i be an honest working man who pays his taxes to my country for the upkeep of public utilities for my fellow irish citizens. or will i just join fianna fail and live like a british landlord like the boss of bosses, the leader of the Haughfia crime syndicate, C.J haughey. is this country divided into 2 separate jurisdictions. is ireland a collection of crooked cartels comprising of politicians, millionaire business people, landowners etc who say fuck the law and paying taxes, thats not for us its for the stupid teachers, the low life factory workers etc. in letterkenny donegal there is a notorious fianna fail gangster who owns half the fucking town. his name is hughie mc gee. he used to work as a barman then became an IRA money washer and “businessman”. but of course because fianna fail “the soldiers for themselves their families and mates, and fuck everybody else brigade” are in power he is now “an out and out pure hard core dyed in the wool fianna fail man until his last breath” now he builds whatever the fuck he wants wherever the fuck he wants. he got off drunk driving and had main street closed down for his daughters wedding parade. he throws the money and the dogs in fianna fail go mental with greed. all this shite i hear about a crackdown on crime, its all shite theres mobsters in suits everywhere. do i challenge scum like this or do i just join fianna fail and be like this gangster and haughey and be “a patriot to my fingertips” can anybody out there help me with this one, bock what do you think, i find this site very interesting, informative and entertaining. bock can you please check out my posting on that traitor, landlord, peasant fucking, piece of shit haughey on the section on the ugly dog fucker of terry keane and oh his wife maureen too, thanks. what is being irish? are we a joke nation? is there a special box that you tick to get off paying tax, does it just say fianna fail member, please help?

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