Voting Day

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May 242007

Right. It’s done. I cast my vote, and fun it was too, I can tell you.

Here’s how I dispensed my Single Transferable Vote in order of preference:

1.   The Mother Teresa Wasn’t a Thieving Old Con-Artist Party.

2.   The Christian Liver-Transplant Party.

3.   The Wombles.

4.   Satan

5.   Arthur Daley

6.   Some Man

7.   A Burst Eyeball

8.   The United Haemorrhoid Front

9.   The Brazilian Wax Party

10. Jimmy Hoffa

11. John Donne

12. The Completely Dishonest But Not As Dishonest As This Crowd of Crooks Party.

That should do it.

Tomorrow we have the count, and isn’t it great? Just like the Eurovision, the count is the best bit, and you know what? I feel sorry for people in countries with the first-past-the-post system. I mean, they just have one count, some boodie stands up and says Right! You, you and you, fuck off. Now you! Yes you. You’re elected. Now everybody fuck off home.

Not here in Ireland though. Jesus no. Here we have PR. The most fun system of election in the world. Here we go through count after count, distributing surpluses and watching these miserable stiffs as they sweat through the night, not knowing if they’ve been kicked out of office. Maybe, if we’re lucky, the count might go on into the next day which is even better because the fuckers suffer twice as long. Great.

And to think that this government tried to take all this pleasure away from us. To think they tried to bring in an e-voting system that was not only flawed and full of software bugs, but more importantly, did all this redistributing in the time it takes to say crooked politician bastard.

Anyway, for now, fuck ’em. The Sopranos are back.

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    I have always imagine some Roman senator watching the proceedings in the Colosseum being inspired to invent PR-STV.


    Umm…so how can you tell the difference between Irish politicians and The Sopranos?


    The Wombles only got your number 3!!


    12:41 Limerick East, 90% Boxes Open, FF 48%, FG 26%, LAB 10%, PD 7%, GP 2%, SF 4%, Prediction 2 FF, 2 FG, 1 LAB


    Umm…so how can you tell the difference between Irish politicians and The Sopranos

    they all have their balls


    WTF? @ yes,thank God…I think you mean they have you by the balls for the next five years.

    Sorry for taking liberties with your comments Bock.


    Mr Sneeze: Yes indeed. it’s our last rermaining great blood-sport.

    Devin: The Sopranos have more class.

    Flirty: I was conflicted on that.

    YTG: They all have our balls.

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