Your money

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May 012007

And you thought nuns never caught anyone by the bollocks? Don’t forget, it’s your money.

Locating a children’s hospital

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    Magdalene Laundries
    “These bloodless brides of Jesus
    If they had just once glimpsed their groom
    Then they’d know, and they’d drop the stones
    Concealed behind their rosaries
    They wilt the grass they walk upon
    They leech the light out of a room
    They’d like to drive us down the drain
    Most girls come here pregnant
    Some by their own fathers
    Bridget got that belly
    By her parish priest
    We’re trying to get things white as snow
    All of us woe-begotten-daughters
    In the streaming stains
    Of the Magdalene laundries” Joni
    Compliments: Y:-) Paddy

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