Home Safe

Late-night flight through dark and brooding country. A ceaseless whisper of cicadas.

Dubious men in linen suits who smile too much and call you my very good friend.

A shipwreck. Something in the lagoon.

A doorway. Many doorways.

A church. A curse. An old priest.

A stone sarcophagus.

Many hills. A precipice. A monastery.

A blood-sacrifice. A gathering.

Oaths. A chant.

A break for freedom.





Bock will return tomorrow with a normal service and will speak no more of this.

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Ah, Mr Bock, you think you have made it home safely. MMmuuuahhhhhaa… *cough*…. haahhhhaaa… *sneeze*… hahhaaaa. We will meet again, Bock, and very soon. I hope you enjoyed the custard creams I sent you. THEY WILL BE YOUR LAST…. what?… you forgot to put the poison in the custard creams?…. What did I tell you? I told you not to seal the envelope before you put the… what?… it was in the jar beside the kettle… you….

What manor of lunacy is this Bock?
Another week spent galavanting?!?

I certain hope your poor loved ones don’t know this is what you get up to in your spare time!

So, Mr Blowhard, we meet again. I suspected you might be behind this but I was never sure. Until now, that is.

Young Master Wrinkly, I suggest you consult the Ancient Wrinkly One for guidance on this matter.

I did it Blowhard! I figured out a way to get him. We infect him with a cold by exposing him to any random small child. Then we pose as the chemist when he goes for medicines and curative potions. Then, and this is the good part, then we sell him Headex and tell him it’s also alright to have Lemsip, SnotBGone and as many NightNurse capsules as he wants all at the same time! The combined paracetamol intake will finish him of for shoor! Just to make super double extra shoor we’ll suspend him over a piranha pond with a hungry rat nibbling at the suporting rope.

Now, Mr. Blowhard, about this raise, and these 2 weeks off July…

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