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I thought it might be nice to bring you a few pictures of this old town.

I know that not everybody has broadband, and this post is probably quite unfriendly to dial-up people, so if that means you, I’m sorry.

Most of the pics are below the fold, to save your patience if you’re on a slow connection, and also to make sure you don’t hunt me down and kill me like the dog I am.

Anyway, here’s a flavour of Limerick for you.

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Nice one Bock of the huts up in Plassey with the mill in the background, it has a very laid back feel to it and you would never think that a whole campus is build up around it?

Good god Joe Malone is nodding off after his mug of irish coffee. Ach ja, Joe’s was the place to be in the late seventies, where musicians like Frank Quinlivan, Paddy P, Ger Costello entertained us.

Good to see that nothing has changed at Tom Collins, man we had peculiar drinking habits back then. You wouldn’t go out for a pint until half ten, then in the space of an hour your trying to skull down five pints before closing time at half eleven, then get abused by staff to be off the premises before quarter to twelve. Sheer madness!

Devin: You will be, shortly now.

Aisling: Yeah. It can come as a surprise to those in the Capital but hey! What the hell?

Sassy: Well, we have our social problems too you know. It isn’t heaven, but it isn’t hell either, and I think it’s about time we started to combat the idiot stereotypes perpetuated by our lazy, incompetent media. (And some bloggers).

Mike: Well spotted. Doesn’t Joe look well for his years?

Julie: I would be fascinated to find out how you know what camera I was using. Please share.
As regards the two old fellas in Nancy’s, they would not be the Wrinklies, who are in fact both debonaire and highly attractive.

I saw you taking the shot outside Nancy Blake’s a week last Sunday around twenty to three in the afternoon if I remember right! Now I’m getting ya worried!

Nah, you haven’t got a stalker, I got your camera model from what’s called the EXIF info that digital cameras embed in the header of their JPEG and TIFF files. Useful if you edit your photos & save to another name, info such as date & time, camera settings etc will remain intact for future reference. Your photo editor should allow you to read all the EXIF info, if not there’s a free exif reader here:
Some of the stuff will also show up if you hover over the file name in Windows explorer.

By the way, unless you have a time machine (and that wouldn’t surprise me) your camera’s date is wrongly set to 2008.

Can’t say I’m not disappointed that the old fellas weren’t the Wrinklies, oh well, my search for them continues! Mind ya I think the old fellas in the pic are indeed fine specimens of manhood, I have to add at my age I’m not too fussy these days.

Just discovered the viewer can disable those snap thingies. There is a disable command at the top right hand corner of the snap. You then reload the page.

Don’t know how long it lasts for, though.

Spes aeterna dona nobis Domine.

GREAT photos Bock. People are always so negative about Limerick, Stab City and all that but I think it’s beautiful. My sis lives there and loves living in the place. She’s been there about 10 years and even has a Limerick accent!!

John Mac: Ah Jesus, I wasn’t trying to make anyone homesick. Just a few pix out of interest considering we get so much ill-informed negative stuff printed about us.

Shane: It’s on the old canal at the Clare side, near the Lame Duck pub.

Benny: I’m trying to get rid of the bastard things but they won’t go away.

Manuel: Your doubts? Shattered? That probably means you’ll have to get new ones.

HZC: I didn’t put in any shots of the Market, but now that you mention it . . .

Derfen: Thanks


Kit Bán : True indeed.

Ellen: Like I said, some fool came up with a stupid nickname years ago, and every lazy incompetent hack in the country latched onto it, because it was easier than having to think.

Eolaí: No. It rained once, around the time some crowd were making a movie here.

MJ: Why indeed, when you could waste your time here in Limerick instead.

Medbh: It’s probably blindingly obvious what TWTSTB is, but please take pity and tell me anyway.

You bastard, I’m on dialup! The shot of the river and King John’s reminds me of the drama/documentary Angela’s Ashes… hold on, did you digitally vanish the rain?

Btw, is the ‘social’ housing still in the castle? What a great idea that was.

Hi Bock great pics, any chance of captions or locations please? I have friends visiting from the States soon and want to give them a taste of some of the place’s they’ll see.

abso fab pics bock, only that i live here could have been any where else in the world, well done x

Conan: They knocked deValera’s houses and built an appalling steel-and-glass interpretative centre instead. Classy.

Guy Incognito: No sooner said than done.

Mairéad: Oooh! Sore one!

Savannah: I prostrate myself before you and beg forgiveness. You somehow got overlooked. But yes indeed, it would be very interesting to see some pics of Savannah, Georgia, because we all probably have fixed ideas in our minds of what a city like that would be like.

I think your mainstream media over there have managed to create a certain stereotype about the South much like our idiot Dublin-based media have done with Limerick.

Top stuff Bock! Auld Luimneach does indeed have it moments and sights to be celebrated. Then again, just about anywhere on this fair isle does. Tisn’t a bad aul spot we have on the planet.

So we have a camera anorak looking through embedded shit in photos.

The trick is to change the time every time you go out to take photos, that confuses them. :D

Good stuff, god help those on Dialup though

Been thinking about doing something like this myself, of Ludlow. I think you may have inspired me to get off my arse and do it. Only thing is, I’m not back there until Tuesday, so inspire me again next week, would ya? Ta.

The second one from the top is my wife and I (behind) talking to Jimmy (cooking). It really is a small city when you see yourself on other people’s blogs.

Wrinkly Jr: No indeed. It’s alright.

Squid: It’s a bit scary, but I’ve learned something I didn’t know before, which is good.

Fústar: Well, It’s Limerick, but not through the eyes of some idiot reporter.

Conan: Hmmm. Like the Mainstream Media, you mean? Hmmm.

DS: Yeah. Everybody should do it. A media blitz, so to speak. We’ve put up with ill-informed shit long enough.

Badgerdaddy: You should do that. I’ll remind you next week.

Seabhcan: In that case, the guy with the camera behind you must be me!

Limerick Gal: Nothing wrong with a little homesickness every now and then.

Nice Bock, these are great, bout time someone made this place look half way good, with all the crap in the papers lately!! great job, and I WANNA SEEE MORE!! your shots are kick ass :)

Great photos! For the foreigner, Limerick seems to be ugly at the first glimpse, but later it shows its hidden beauty. It is nice town and like others has good and bad sides.


The boot for Murph was for Dermot Morrissey Murphy who was a member of the Limerick Walking Club. He passed away a few years ago. This boot and plaque was placed in his memory on a pathway often used by the club.

You’ve made me very down here in new zealand,and not a decent pub in the place,nor a decent pint.i havent been home in years

Great pics of Limerick, Bock. Shows the city in it’s true light.. and demonstrates that it’s not a place ruled by crazy knife-wielding nuts.

The pics make me homesick too.. btw

Excuse a late comer but many thanks for the pics of the town. I always knew that Ireland would be a beautiful place and it amazes me that for as many places I visited in and around the UK when I was in the Submarine Force during the Cold War, that I never had a chance to set foot in Ireland. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to now.

Hi, I was just passing by and I was amazed by your pictures… good work! They’re great shots!

I miss living in Limerick, I hope I could go back soon!

hi..i’m from limerick but im living in New Zealand at the mo. thanks a mall for the pictures.. great to see all the old places again

Never saw these before, amazing, just beautiful.
totally different perspective you captured, I never knew where Baker plc was before.

Great pics, makes me proud to be from Limerick and nice to feel nostalgic about home as I live in the UK. Nice one!

Jaysus Bock,
is that my city? So beautiful and may I say it, clean! This old cynic needs to go back into town with his eyes open and take in the real sights and sounds that I miss so much.
Joe Malone is lookin’ very well. Forgot about Paddy P Colongemike great stuff.
You may have got the captions “Nicky” and the “Goat” mixed up Bock.
Absolutely fantastic photos Bock please do it again soon!

So fn’ brilliant! Bock – I love you already! I also love Limerick (generous with the affections all round) and sometimes I see only the broken window or bollocky pieces of graffiti that some bastard has decided to share with us. Thankyou for inadvertently reminding me to ignore those tiny little bits and bask in the wonderful uniqueness we have here rivers, pubs, grey stone and random coolness of mad people and stuff. Thankyou

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