Sky Handling Partners Fools

Oh, you’re going to love this.

Do you know Damien Mulley, Irish blogging guru and All-Round Wonderful Person For Organising the Irish Blog Awards and Getting All of Us Drunk Repeatedly?

Anyway, it appears that Mulley travelled from somewhere to somewhere with Aer Lingus but the baggage-handling people, Sky Handling Partners, lost his bag.

Fair enough. Shit happens.

So Mulley phoned them and complained (as you do). Did Sky Handling Partners respond to his request as a normal customer-oriented service company might? Eh, that would be a no. The next thing that happened was, apparently, their IT department started signing him up to questionable spam dating websites. Or maybe not. Maybe he’s lying and he made all this shit up.

Well, what happened next, you might be wondering? Did Sky Handling Partners come out with their hands up and confess? Eh, unfortunately that would be another no. The next thing Mulley saw was a letter from a lawyer, threatening him.

Isn’t that great? You lose a guy’s bag, so what do you do? Obvious! You sign him up to a porn site and then set your lawyers on him. What else would you do?

Well done, Sky Handling Partners. Business heroes of the twenty-first century!

10 thoughts on “Sky Handling Partners Fools

  1. “Hi Abie.

    Thanks for your comment on my site.

    As your name appears on the Dubliner homepage, it seemed reasonable to presume that you had some sort of involvement in the magazine. If you have no editorial control then of course I was wrong to criticise you.

    However, the prominent positioning of your name would tend to give the impression that you are in some way managerially involved.

    You can see the predicament.”

    Thanks Bock,

    I’m afraid that’s two out of two: my name does not appear anywhere on ‘The Dubliner’ homepage.

    Just to clarify, I have been writing a column for the magazine since 2001. As such, my name is occasionally displayed prominently to sell ‘The Dubliner’. From time to time, Kevin Myers’ name is used to sell the ‘Irish Independent’ and John Waters’ name to sell the ‘Irish Times’.

    Happily, this does not entitle any of us to editorial control over our respective publications.

    As an independent thinker, I am delighted by the advent of the blogosphere, which undermines any attempts (by governments or individuals) to monopolise the news agenda. In order for the blogosphere to become a trusted and respected source of information, I believe it is imperative that those who blog verify their facts before publication.

    You can see the predicament.

  2. Abie

    I don’t know what more you want me to say about this. Before this, I had never heard of you.

    The fact is that The Dubliner designed its page in such a way as to create the impression that you had some involvement with their editorial policy.

    Consequently, your name became associated with a scurrilous article in that magazine, against which many people reacted, including me.

    You have already explained twice that you have no editorial involvement with The Dubliner, in two different posts on this site and I have accepted what you said.

    I don’t know what else you think I should say.

    Would you like me to set up a permanent post especially dedicated to you?

  3. ya’ll are certainly expanding this lil georgia peach’s reading material…not a bad predicament to be in, i must admit, sugar.

  4. two questions

    What did you do bock
    Who is abbie
    and When is Corrigan from The Dubliner going to clarify his views on Limerick in that bogroll of a magazine.

    ok that was three, but whose counting.

  5. I didn’t do much really. I simply remarked that the name Bowman used to be associated with high journalistic standards.

    I’ve already told Abie that his name was badly placed on the Dubliner page because of their poor design and it looked as if he was one of the editorial team. As I already said, I never heard of Abie before this. No matter how many times I accept that he isn’t in fact the editor, it seems he wants me to do more.

    Maybe he’s writing from within the Dublin Smugbubble and thinks we’ve all heard of him. I don’t know.

    I’ve explained over and over again, both here and on his site that I accept he isn’t the editor and I’m sorry for making that error but he just won’t listen.

    I can’t make Abie see.

    As for Corrigan, well he’s just a gobshite whose opinion is worth little, so we won’t say too much about him.

  6. You have already explained twice that you have no editorial involvement with The Dubliner, in two different posts on this site and I have accepted what you said.

    And that explains why I thought that first comment had a very familiar ring to it. Actually I thought I was going mad – which may well be what the intention of it was for you Bock.

  7. Eolaí: Do you think it could be some Macchiavellian plot to destabilise the House of Bock? Should I take instant pre-emptive measures?

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