Irish democracy is a myth

You know, I wasn’t going to say anything about this, and it embarrasses me that I intended to avoid the issue.

Why wasn’t I going to say anything about this?

Oh, thanks for asking. The reason I was going to avoid this subject is very simple really. For some inexplicable reason, I seem to have attracted a sizeable overseas readership (who knew?) and I felt I had been posting so much stuff about our (execrable, incompetent, corrupt, miserable, illiterate, self-serving, stupid, venal) government, that I thought maybe I was projecting too much of a negative image of our island nation.

And then, I thought, Nah!!

You see, this Beverley Flynn story just put the tin hat on it for me.

Who’s Beverley Flynn? you might well be asking.

Oh, that’s very simple. Beverley Flynn is a stupid, corrupt, arrogant bitch who was recently re-elected to our Parliament by idiots who don’t care that their elected representatives might have been involved in (for example) mass tax-evasion. It’s no coincidence that Beverley is the daughter of a stupid, corrupt, arrogant former government minister. It’s also no coincidence that Beverley is associated with a deeply corrupt and undemocratic party about whom I have written many times before.

JC Skinner has already written about this, and I have no intention of repeating his insightful story on the matter. However, since this is such a fucking scandal, it needs to be explained.

Beverley used to work for National Irish Bank, which had an illegal tax-evasion scheme going. And Beverley used to sell this scheme to people who had funny money to hide. Beverley was a very high earner from the bank as a result of selling these schemes to the public (or at least to those members of the public who had any money to hide).

Beverley was an elected member for Fianna Fail, and as a result of this scandal was kicked out of the party.

The national broadcaster, RTE, which is government-owned, subsists on two streams on income. One is advertising and the other is the national licence fee, which we all have to pay, even if we don’t watch RTE.

RTE broadcast a report highly critical of Beverley, stating that she was involved in a crooked deal to help people evade tax. Beverley sued RTE for libel as a result, but lost, because Beverley was involved in a crooked deal to help crooks evade tax. No getting around it. Bev was involved in a crooked deal. The end. Goodnight.

Bev then appealed, and guess what? Bev lost, incurring about €3 million legal fees because it went to the Supreme Court.

New government. New times. Fianna Fail needs Bev’s support. All of a sudden, our national broadcaster is willing to accept half the fees in settlement (the broadcaster, I might remind you, that receives my licence fee and that of everyone else in support of its operation).


Who pays the rest?


This new government is prepared to give €1.5 million towards legal costs in support of somebody who ran a crooked tax-evasion scheme. And furthermore, will probably appoint that same person to a cabinet seat in due course.

Please, let somebody explain to me in what sense we have a functioning democracy in this country.



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28 thoughts on “Irish democracy is a myth

  1. I can’t explain it to you, Bock, because I just don’t get it either. The biggest thing I don’t get though is how come that shower of rogues got in to power AGAIN…. If you listed all of the dodgy doings of Bertie alone, it would probably stretch 22 times around the Earth!!

  2. Mairéad:

    I did. I published every crooked deal that crooked fucker ever got involved in, and do you think the people cared? That would be a no. The stupid cunts still voted for the crooked fucker, and for his crooked fucker friends.

    So there ya go. Maybe we’d be better off being crooked fuckers like all the rest.

  3. Bock, I left irl in ’86 because i was going backward at a rate of knots and thought I’d try my hand downunder. Always had a hankering to come back though and have had 4 trips home in the 20 years. Every time its the same. The level of blatent corruption and cronyism and the mass ignorance of the population who continue to vote those fuckers back in sets me running for the plane every time. Don’t get me wrong – this place is just as bad with its racism and refugee policies and white oz and black bashings and elected cunts who seem to forget that they’ve got no skills for the job but continue to take the money and look for more if they can. Difference is that occasionally politicions gets jail or get sacked over here, and they fade away never to be heard from again.
    I need to take a rest…

  4. The fatal flaw in the Irish political system is its parochialism. Witness Michael Lowry, arguably as corrupt as Beverly, returned miles ahead of the quota in Tipperary North in the past three elections, (and probably more but I can’t remember back any farther). Why? Because he’s done lots for the people (and especially the farmers) of Thurles. People don’t give a shit about ethics and morals and economic or social policy on a national level, they want the long-promised swimming pool in their town, they want the debt cleared on their stadium, they want signs put up at the dangerous roundabout at the top of the road and that’s what people vote for.

    Democracy (one person, one vote) doesn’t work because people are too fucking stupid.

  5. And what are the Irish people going to do about it? NOTHING!!! If this was France, there would be mass protests and riots, but in Ireland we are afraid to upset their own status quo so we just put up with it. Not much more than half of the electorate voted so these goons got in with about a third of the countries vote. It’s a coined phrase by now but we got the government we deserve! I don’t here any criticisims from the Greens either, Bertie has them over a barrel. I’m going to drive a burning jeep through the gates of Leinster house!!!

  6. Yes. And Galwaywegian has reminded those who may have disremembered that other small matter.
    And there are a few other issues…

    Where did Bev get the moolah to pay half she owed to RTE and, presumably, her own costs?

    If it was a gift has she /will she pay tax on it?

    If it was a loan then who is the lender and what security did she offer?

    Who in RTE made the decision to accept half? And why? [Remember the RTE Authority (board) was appointed by the last two FF/PD governments. It contains members like supposedly independent pr consultant SOByrnes who is former general sec of the PDs and was given access to the airwaves by RTE, at election time, for his insight into pee dee thinking, without reference to his membership of the RTE board. Bock, what’s his Limerick history?]

    It’s a pertinent fact that these two corrupt ‘independent’ TDs are from outside Dublin. The locals vote for them as a two-fingered gesture to the Dublin establishment. Dublin media telling them not to vote for them guarantees their election.

    Oh, and the Green Party are bending over for all of this. And did I mention – just to show how incestuous the Irish establishment is – that the partner of one of the GP mins is a former section ed at the newspaper where the editor is a former PD TD?

    Demos schlemos, as a New Yorker might have observed in ancient Greece.

  7. Irish democracy is a myth That’s exactly wrong, which is the problem. Import Dutch people to do the voting instead; they avoid the negative consequences of global warming, Ireland gets an electorate worth the name, everyone wins.

  8. As one of your overseas readers, I say carry on. It’s good to see that it’s not just my country that’s going to hell in a handbasket.

    Although I do believe we have a leg up on you on that one.

  9. Import Dutch people to do the voting instead; they avoid the negative consequences of global warming, Ireland gets an electorate worth the name, everyone wins.

    We tried that in the 1690s and it didn’t go down too well. once bitten twice shy and all that. :D

  10. Snookertony: Don’t hold back, now.

    Mr Minute: Maybe I should. I’ll ask Bert.

    Niall: If you can’t beat ’em, get even another time.

    Caro: Well, it’s one of the drawbacks of the single transferable vote.

    Galwaywegian: That wasn’t ignorance, or stupidity. That was the same calculating, arrogant dishonesty that characterises the entire family.

    b3n: I’m going to run up to Dublin and demolish a museum.

    Conan: I hope you’re going to put all these pertinent comments in a post on your own site, not to be hiding them here. You make a lot of very valid observations.

    Aidan: We tried importing Dutch e-voting software. It was unreliable and untested. The Dutch designers wouldn’t let us see the source code, even though Cullen the cocksucker paid for it, and now all the machines are rusting in some rat-infested warehouse.

    Fat Sparrow: If we were a big enough country, we’d be worse than the States. After all, who do you think brought you organised crime and TB?

    Mairéad: We’re a bunch of gobshites.

    Squid: Nobody was doing too much voting in the 1690s.

    Sassy: Well, that doesn’t mean our government are any good. It just means you have Cheney.

    Medbh: They’re a disgrace.

  11. “I’m going to drive a burning jeep through the gates of Leinster house!!!

    Can I come?? The last protest I was on was at Shannon. I’m not up to rallying though … you’ll have to do the driving. I’ll do the burning + fighting people off.

  12. Aboy Bock – Check this out on msnbc video.

    Special Comment: Bush, Cheney should resign
    July 3: Keith Olbermann questions Bush’s actions in commuting the sentence of Scooter Libby.

    Here’s the link, if it doesn’t work just search for the above.

    Scooter Libby and Bev Flynn cut from the same cloth

  13. Cap’n: How right you are.

    Nora: You can do the drinking and the singing of bad rabble-rousing songs.

    Snookertony: That’s a difficult one, because I don’t know he’s only an “-ee”.

    HeavyG: Thanks for the link.

    Sam: Yeah. I heard about the interview, in which he also gives a tiny hint about a forthcoming gig which will be attended by Wrinkly Joe and myself.

  14. Like your own reluctance to post this, Bock, I find I have to back away from this material. Otherwise I get too angry/depressed/despairing about ‘public life’ in this country, and fear cynicism will overtake me.

    Fer instance… Only recently I heard a tale of how CJH held back the ban on tobacco advertising for a year to facilitate a benefit in kind for FF. What a cunt. What a slimy political party. What a country.

  15. Conan: What a bastard Haughey was. Speak well of the dead? Eh, fuck him!

    Nora: Disappointed to hear you don’t have a drinking, singing present.

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