Festival-Time Again

Yes. It’s that time of year when Wrinkly Joe and myself take our lives in our hands and venture into pink-buckskin territory once more. That’s right: the Midlands Music Festival is upon us again and tomorrow we enter the fray.

Now, you might recall our adventures from last year, when we worshipped at the feet of the sublime Emmy-Lou Harris, enjoyed Loudon Wainwright, Tony-Joe White, Guy Clark and Lambchop. We did our bit for Credible Country when we abducted and killed Charlie Landsborough. We also attempted to kill Kenny Rodgers and Van Morrison, but they were too quick for us, though we did manage to inflict an ugly flesh wound on Kenny. I’m not saying Van Morrison represents the dark side of Country music, mind you: we attempted to kill him on the very valid grounds that he’s Van Morrison, a miserable, sour git.

I gave you a list of this year’s acts back in May, but it’s worth mentioning that on Saturday we have, among others, the following.

Kris Kristofferson
Steve Earle
The Waterboys
Aimee Mann
Richard Thompson
Tom Russell and
Allison Moorer.

Oh, and I should mention Anjani, Leonard Cohen’s latest squeeze. We think Lenny might make a guest appearance, and for that alone, I’d attend.

On Sunday we have, inter alia,
Glen Campbell
The Be Good Tanyas
Blind Boys Of Alabama
Hothouse Flowers and
Richmond Fontain.

This time around, we have no intention of undergoing the misery that is camping in Irish weather. I know that in theory this is supposed to be summer, but considering we’ve had two solid months of fucking rain, the whole Summer concept is being re-evaluated by a panel of experts. And so this is why I implored the ever-patient Dickler and, decent man that he is, he kindly offered us the loan of his caravan. Woo-hoo!! Dry and warm!! Can you believe it?

So, just for this weekend, Wrinkly Joe and myself become honorary Pavees and as we speak, Joe is out collecting electric cable to set fire to when we set up camp. Now all we need is for kind friends to donate a couple of piebalds. Any offers?


Festival Report Number 1
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10 replies on “Festival-Time Again”

The Saturday line-up is fucking excellent. And if you;re not familiar with them, check out Richmond Fontaine on the Sunday – I think I’ve mentioned them before (when you published the set list before, I reckon). They’re cracking songwriters, and good fun.

I am shitfaced, but my advice would not be different even if sober… Honest, guv. Mostly though, have a wicked time.

Bock for once I am Jealous of people inIreland this weekend. enjoy the Music. Ill have to settle for enjoying the weather but that may be hard as there is a heat wave and its in the 40’s and yesterday was 70% humidity. Not raining just a wall of water.

Who do you plan to kill this year Bock? My hunch it will be Paul Brady. But please allow Steve Earle to live, I’m begging ya!

Badgerdaddy: You were right. A seriously classy band.

Savannah: I can’t fucking believe it. My camera battery died. Shit. However, I got a few pics and heard Anjani, of whom more anon.

Fat Sparrow: Yeah. We didn’t make him any worse.

MacDara: I was a bit of a wall of water here too, but at least the music was fukken rokkin.

Julie: A very unfortunate incident happened. I’ll explain tomorrow when I’m a bit rehabbed. Sorry for what we did to Steve. It was an accident.

Annie: Why didn’t you tell me? We could have shared a scoop or twain by the beer tent. Well, Goddamn!

“Sorry for what we did to Steve. It was an accident.”

Bock, this is totally unacceptable! But I’ll wait to hear your detailed report from the weekend before passing judgement!

Hopefully, you just winged Steve when you attempted to put away that miserable fucker Brady.

Sure with the company of the Nor’dern boys and the Clonmel Cowboy the aftershow only complimented the show around the circled wagons!
With the “runaway bride” and lots of derry air t’was huge craic.
“Chapati’s on the bonet of a Pajero” has to be the title track for next years tour? The spuds where grand tooooo! Don’t forget shite around the corner, keep right! Get the signs posted for next year lads!

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